Intelligent change

ChangeScout demystifies organizational change management, offering a structured, organized, and seamless experience to help your change managers make smart decisions. The result: reduced manual effort, faster delivery, improved adoption, and a better change experience for your stakeholders and organization.

Change has changed

Organizations need to think beyond adoption and focus more on true realization. We believe the power of data can help you get there.

Built on the Salesforce platform, and leveraging best-in-class security and scalability, ChangeScout combines cutting-edge technology and Deloitte’s proprietary change management methodology to transform the way change is delivered.

With built-in automation, preconfigured solutions, and advanced analytics capability, ChangeScout helps you optimize your change program and meet your transformation goals.

Meet ChangeScout

ChangeScout combines cutting-edge technology and Deloitte’s unique change methodology to transform the way change is delivered.

What clients are saying

"Employees were receiving 20+ project emails per week. ChangeScout streamlined, targeted, and measured communications and reduced project emails to one per week."

–Global pharmaceutical organization

"ChangeScout allowed us to use numerous pieces of visualized change information to drive meaningful conversation about the best ways to drive change and maximize impact."

–Global organization undergoing finance transformation

Audit assistance services

A Deloitte team guides a company through their audit journey. The team provides project management capabilities and supports interactions with the company’s external auditor. These services are only permissible for non-restricted entities.

"We used ChangeScout to closely track stakeholders, and we were able to tighten communications among global teams, leading to stronger stakeholder engagement and setting well-informed goals and priorities for stakeholders."

–Global manufacturing organization

2021 Global Human Capital Trends

Read insights from Deloitte's leading thinkers in change management, culture transformation, and agile strategies.

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