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Dbriefs HR Executives webcasts have been approved through the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) for 1 (general) recertification credit hour toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification.

The longevity dividend: Managing workers in an era of 100-year lives

With rising life expectancies and aging global workforces, untapped opportunities await proactive businesses. What new approaches are leaders using to reap the longevity dividend, not only from longer working lives but also by effectively managing multiple generations? Participants will learn how leaders are extending career models, creating new development paths, and tapping the talent pool for workers of all ages.

December 12
2 p.m. ET | 19:00 GMT
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Reimagining HR: The future of the enterprise demands it

Disruptive forces in the enterprise, the workforce, and the way work gets done drive how people live and work, creating an imperative for new HR solutions. This means HR must take the lead for enterprises to reimagine the future – now. Participants will learn about HR’s dual roles of transforming itself while also owning organizationwide solutions for enterprise human capital.

February 13
2 p.m. ET | 19:00 GMT
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Beyond learning: Talent, careers, and competitive edge amid disruption

As AI, robotics, and automation proliferate, the human element of organizations becomes more, not less, important. How can a continuous learning environment contribute to developing a digital-ready, future-facing workforce guided by exponential leadership capabilities? Participants will explore how continuous learning can help organizational leaders rethink the way they compose, develop, and incentivize the workforce in an era of technological disruption.

March 28
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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