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Financial accounting and reporting for income taxes: Midyear update

It’s important to stay ahead of tax reporting changes and associated issues that may affect your organization. What tax accounting matters deserve attention at midyear 2020? Participants will gain valuable insights into interim accounting for income taxes and consider the latest developments affecting financial reporting for taxes.

Ingraining financial discipline for optimized performance

Whether a company is going through aggressive growth or tightly managing margins, how can the finance function create the culture and operating discipline to optimize financial performance over the long term? Participants will identify key elements of implementing greater financial discipline, from organizational structure to performance reporting, and explore ways to improve their own organization’s approach.

US multinational tax considerations: Still a changing landscape

The dust is settling on the extensive changes to international provisions of the US tax code, yet the impacts continue to reverberate through multinational companies. What recent tax-technical issues should US tax executives know about and how are they affecting the tax landscape? Participants will explore the complexities of these fundamental changes and evaluate how they could influence business operating models.

The future of work: An unleashed workforce

Contrary to popular sentiment, robots are not taking over, and human jobs are not going way. But they are changing, so what should private company executives know about the future of work? Participants will examine trends influencing the future of work, consider how those trends are likely to manifest in their own environment, and explore ways to respond.

Private Companies
June 23
2 p.m. ET 
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Digital media trends 2020: Multigenerational insights and implications

As digital media evolves, consumers across age groups are changing the way they use and consume content. For technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies, understanding and harnessing these attitudes and behaviors can mean a difference between thriving or fading. Participants will gain insights from Deloitte’s Digital Media Trends, 14th edition, and determine how these trends might affect strategic planning for TMT companies.

Quarterly accounting roundup: Q2 2020 update on important developments and financial reporting impacts related to COVID-19

Do you know how the impacts of COVID-19 will impact accounting and financial reporting, and what issues the standard-setters and regulators have been addressing lately? We've been monitoring recent developments. Participants will explore these and other important accounting issues and developments for the quarter and determine their applicability to their organizations.

Catalyzing innovation in chemicals: Pathways to long-term success

In a chemical industry that is rapidly changing, strategies and approaches that created value in the past may not work in an increasingly agile and digital world. Being able to leverage innovation could be a matter of survival in the future. Participants will identify what creates long-term value in a chemical company and explore ways to develop a strong foundation for innovation.

ERP transformation: A new era of transparency and efficiency

Many government and higher education organizations are transforming their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for various reasons. How can they strategically plan for increased data transparency, operational efficiencies, and automation of processes? Participants will explore ways to leverage innovation and emerging technologies and gain insights on improving financial processes, data visibility, and internal controls as part of an overall ERP transformation strategy.

The state of cybersecurity at financial institutions

Cyber security remains a top priority for banks, insurers, and investment managers. C-suites and board members want to know how much CISOs need to spend and how to organize their efforts to effectively protect the company's data, operations, and reputation, especially in these challenging times. Participants will examine results of recent Deloitte and FS-ISAC research and explore ways financial institutions can meet increasing cyber risks and regulatory compliance requirements.

Resilient leadership: Private company recovery from COVID-19

Resilience is a state of mind, not a destination. Resilient leaders are defined first by who they are and exhibiting five qualities of leadership. Then they are defined by what they do along the three primary timeframes of the COVID crisis—Respond, Recover and Thrive. Participants will learn about resilient leadership and explore their own roles as their private companies shift from Respond into Recover.

Private Companies
June 15
1 p.m. ET
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Modernization of the finance workforce: New insights for CFOs

Emerging technologies are changing what finance professionals do and how they do it, sometimes significantly. How can CFOs align today’s finance talent to the promise of tomorrow’s technologies while maintaining a workforce that can still fulfill the company’s basic financial and regulatory requirements? Participants will discover actions they can take now to determine which workers will thrive in a digital world and explore ways to upskill them most effectively.

Beyond reskilling: Investing in workforce resilience for uncertain futures

While a focus on workforce skills is a tactical necessity, it alone is not sufficient to address transformations taking place today. How are leading organizations moving beyond skilling to take a more dynamic approach that empowers people and organizations to thrive? Participants will discover new organizational skilling strategies and consider ways to prepare the workforce to drive more value and meaning.

HR Executives
June 10
1 p.m. ET
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COVID-19 business recovery: Financial and tax considerations

COVID-19 has rapidly changed the way nearly all businesses function. Leaders have quickly responded to legislative, workforce, and economic developments and are now shifting to recovery which may include changes to business operations and reacting to financial impacts. Participants will learn about strategic financial and tax considerations that may be relevant to their organization and explore actionable insights to aid them on their path to recovery.

The future of health: Has COVID-19 brought us closer?

Even as organizations respond to the pandemic, signs are emerging that a future of health influenced by several key drivers may be even closer than predicted. What new and old themes are gaining steam that might affect health in the future? Participants will explore six drivers that are accelerating change and consider key choices facing today's health system and companies interested in investing in health.

COVID-19: Supply chain and workforce recovery and transformation

The COVID-19 crisis has introduced major disruptions throughout many private companies' value chains. What are ways to navigate these challenges and how could they change the future working landscape? Participants will learn about different decisions and gating criteria they are likely to face as they emerge from the pandemic and explore leading practices that can help transform their business to be more resilient in the future.

Private Companies
June 8
1 p.m. ET
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COVID-19 and manufacturers: Workforce safety and reentry

As manufacturers begin to transition from crisis response to recovery, integration between operations and employee experience is critical. How can manufacturers effectively ramp-up operations while maintaining health and safety? Participants will examine pandemic-related factors affecting the health and safety of workers and explore a flexible approach to preparing for and executing each plant’s restart/ramp-up.

Driving Enterprise Value
June 5
1 p.m. ET
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Controllership's next normal: Looking beyond the pandemic

Some organizations are considering the pandemic as a catalyst for transformation. How can controllership organizations leverage that opportunity to recover and thrive? Participants will gain insights on changes likely to come out of the crisis and explore benefits of using transformation initiatives to drive a more strategic controllership function.

Blockchain 2020: A more nuanced and strategic story

After years of growing expectations, more leaders now appear to believe that blockchain can serve as a pragmatic solution to business problems across industries and use cases. Why are formerly wary leaders now seeing the technology’s larger, transformational importance? Participants will review results of Deloitte’s recent Global Blockchain survey and consider how the technology’s potential is now taking on a more serious, nuanced, and strategic quality.

Real estate tax update: Preparing for what lies ahead

Even in an election year, some tax reforms from 2017 are still playing out. How could they affect the real estate industry, and how can companies in the industry prepare for other tax developments ahead? Participants will explore the current tax landscape, examine how the upcoming presidential candidates’ tax proposals might affect the real estate market in the near future, and consider ways they can be poised to address future developments.

Real Estate
June 3
1 p.m. ET
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Cyber risk in the wake of COVID-19: Building greater resilience

During the COVID-19 crisis, cyber threats have grown in number and complexity. How can executives of private companies gain visibility into what they are up against and strengthen cybersecurity, privacy, and control within and beyond the walls of the enterprise in the aftermath? Participants will learn about important cyber risks facing private organizations and explore high-level techniques to address these risks.

Private Companies
June 01
1 p.m. ET
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