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The value of the deal: Controllership’s critical role in M&A

As the business landscape evolves, companies increasingly focus on driving greater value from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) while continuing to hit synergy targets with more speed and efficiency. The controllership function plays a critical role in ensuring compliance with external reporting requirements for executing an M&A but also has an opportunity to serve as a strong business adviser to drive synergies. Participants will discover value drivers that controllership can influence to redefine its role in the M&A life cycle.

Tokenization: Pathways to scaled adoption for financial services

Tokenization could generate trillions of dollars in new value for the financial services industry (FSI) this decade. But what does tokenization in FSI actually look like? This conversation will delve into understanding tokenization broadly, from the basics to challenges and opportunities that lie within its path to mass adoption. Participants will define what tokenization is, articulate its impact on FSI and consider its future impacts on their organization.

Generative AI and the fight for trust

Is your business equipped to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) while safeguarding against risks? Many organizations are enhancing AI governance and conducting reviews to mitigate risks posed by AI, such as bias, hallucination, or toxicity. As focus intensifies on internal risks, it’s important to recognize the expanding threat landscape externally. Malicious actors may exploit generative AI, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to protect stakeholder trust. Participants will distinguish how to calibrate risk from AI internally and externally.

Decarbonization & affordability demand advanced analytics acceleration

Electric distribution companies must accomplish more with less while enabling decarbonization. They face challenges such as building customer and employee loyalty and undergoing significant technical transformations. In this webcast, we will explore actions these companies can take to accelerate their readiness to identify, implement, and expand artificial intelligence and analytics. Participants will define steps to implement advanced IT/OT innovation programs that accelerate affordable decarbonization.

You don’t pay taxes? You could still get a refund with Direct Pay.

US entities that don’t pay taxes will be able to identify potential refundable tax opportunities for their organization. This includes state and local governments, higher education, exempt organizations, and nonprofits. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides more than $271 billion in clean energy incentives which offers an extraordinary opportunity. Participants will identify Direct Pay opportunities that may be available to their organization and how to develop a refundable tax credit plan.

Federal Tax
May 16
1 p.m. ET
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Quantum optimization: Intersection of quantum and classical technology

Optimization problems exist everywhere: What’s the quickest route home? How can my fleet save time and fuel? What’s the next best action?And so much more. At Deloitte, we work with the leaders in optimization, from quantum computing to classical optimizers. Quantum computing, although futuristic sounding, is significantly impacting businesses today. In collaboration with Gurobi Optimization, we will explore optimization, sharing solutions for solving optimization problems across industries. Participants will identify what quantum optimization is and its potential to solve complex challenges. 

Can your private company board respond to the speed of business?

Business is evolving—fast. From new technologies to new risks to changing consumer demands, today’s rapidly shifting market dynamics require private companies to continuously evolve to adapt to the current climate. How can a modern board structure and strong governance help companies thrive in this environment? Participants will assess current research and leading practices and discover ways to apply them within their organizations.

Navigating the US Treasury clearing mandate

On December 13, 2023, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a final rule, which will require firms to begin centrally clearing eligible trades in Treasury securities by the end of 2025 and repurchase agreement transactions by June 2026. Participants will evaluate changes taking place in the US Treasuries clearing market and how their firm will be impacted.

Sustainability target roadmaps: Prioritizing action for impact

This session will highlight a recent report co-developed by Deloitte and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) focused on setting and achieving SBTi Forest, Land and Agriculture (FLAG) science-based targets. Participants will identify priorities for achieving science-based targets in the FLAG sector and can access or download the recently published EDF report and learn how to use the resource to advance progress in the FLAG sector.

Global Employer Services and Multistate: Preparing for the future

Join our Global Employer Services (GES) and Multistate Tax Services (MTS) webcast for insights on recent developments. Participants will identify the potential effects on inbound companies and learn about important developments.

GenAI for finance: Practical steps to get started

In 2023, many organizations learned about Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and its role in the finance technology landscape. While many finance leaders started pilots and developed their AI strategy, they also found a solution gap—a mismatch between GenAI’s capabilities and “ready to use” applications for finance. In 2024, the solution gap is closing fast and GenAI is evolving quickly. Participants will apply key insights to help effectively implement Generative AI technology and harness its benefits.

Capturing value from AI in business and health

Many health care organizations are excited about the potential of Generative AI to help solve their greatest challenges including workforce shortages, patient experience, clinical innovation, new revenue models, data readiness, and use case prioritization. Participants will infer how AI capabilities are leading the way to transform the health care ecosystem.

Capital freedom: Exploration of 2023 working capital trends

Given the current market dynamics and macroeconomic conditions, substantial importance has been placed on improving cash flow and working capital alongside profitability. Effective liquidity management, cash flow improvement, and working capital efficiency are critical, especially amid uncertainties related to persistently high interest rates and elevated inflation. Participants will identify how companies can proactively manage liquidity and working capital efficiency, as well as operations, to navigate economic headwinds in times of uncertainty.

Sustainable semiconductors: Increase value by reducing your footprint

In response to increasing demands for more sustainable practices, semiconductor companies are driving business value through brand differentiation, as well as new business lines and revenue streams. Participants will identify opportunities for value creation from their organization’s sustainability investments.

Emerging artificial intelligence policy 

In the emerging artificial intelligence (AI) policy landscape, regulating the use of AI in health care and life sciences is one of the highest priorities as the use of AI in health care carries risk.Participants will review outstanding questions yet to be answered through policymaking to help equip them with information in order to enhance strategic discussions for their organization.

2024 MarginPLUS study: Refocusing amid uncertainty

The economic uncertainty of 2023 was not vastly different from past periods, but how organizations responded to it marked a bold shift. Our 2024 MarginPLUS study of more than 300 business leaders shows a move in favor of a more strategic approach. What obstacles have companies falling short of their cost-reduction targets, and how can they overcome them? Participants will identify the key challenges facing executives and how they are shifting their organizations to meet these challenges.

How to drive efficient warehousing to increase productivity and speed

Driven by just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and the trend to reduce inventory, to compete in today’s market, it is critical to have a high-performing supply chain. This starts with logistics and warehousing that bring state-of-the-art technology to move product from the warehouse to the end customer quickly and cost effectively.Participants will discover leading logistics capabilities and trends and how these can be applied to gain greater logistics and warehousing efficiencies.

Revisiting ESG ambitions: Building a reliable sustainability reporting model

Controllers are being asked to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) information under their external financial reporting discipline. However, there is tremendous complexity around the variety of data and how it is sourced, computed, and validated. Is it time for companies to reimagine the capabilities that support their strategic sustainability ambitions? Participants will identify ways to create new multifunctional data and reporting models that meet emerging regulations and offer a foundation for future global reporting requirements.

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