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AI at the next level: Scaling impact while managing risk

Despite widespread experimentation with artificial intelligence (AI), some companies still struggle to ethically and responsibly scale up AI innovations. How can technology executives deliver the greatest value with AI as quickly as possible, considering the implications across data, technology, talent, and operation model dimensions? Participants will explore the importance of crafting and executing an AI strategy and consider ways to capture benefits of AI while minimizing its unique risks.

Technology Executives
September 3
1 p.m. ET
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Regulatory considerations for an evolving globally mobile workforce

With regulatory changes being enacted around the world at a rapid pace, international assignees and their companies face a growing number of complex tax and immigration laws and rules. How do these issues challenge an evolving global mobility organization and mobile employees? Participants will learn about recent tax and immigration changes around the world and explore ways mobility teams can address them through planning and compliance actions.

The future of wealth management revisited

The US wealth management industry is undergoing profound change, with disruptive innovation and fundamental shifts sweeping the industry. This is only the beginning of a massive wave of transformation expected to take place over the next decade. Participants will explore wealth management trends and consider capabilities needed for a scalable wealth management platform that can enable the digital adviser of the future.

Cyber everywhere: Detect and respond anywhere, anytime

With digital transformation often comes interconnectedness that can significantly broaden an organization's cyber vulnerability. How can you effectively monitor for and detect intrusions, uncover new attack vectors, remediate vulnerabilities, and proactively hunt for threat actors, all while protecting valuable data? Participants will learn about cyber everywhere as a risk and an opportunity and explore ways to deploy an advanced threat defense program.

Property tax in the current economic climate: Respond, recover, thrive

In these unprecedented times, property owners are considering ways to position themselves for the future. What affirmative steps can they take to align their property tax assessments with their fast-changing economic circumstances? Participants will explore ways to manage their property values during an economic downturn and discover how planning now can help them prepare for the future.

From mirage to reality: Bringing finance into focus in a digital world

Finance professionals are empowered to deliver expanded analytic insights to the businesses more than ever before, and the role is evolving in an environment that is also going through a rapid transformation. How can organizations navigate this new reality to create a future-ready finance team? Participants will identify strategies that drive value for finance in the digital age and discover a new workforce model for the future of finance.

Empowered well-being: Resilience in the face of disruption

Workplaces, families, and society are continually being disrupted as the COVID-19 crisis plays out. How can private company executives use empowered well-being to help employees, colleagues, and themselves adjust to these new dynamics? Participants will explore the many positive effects of empowered well-being and discover ways they can incorporate it into their own lives even during the pandemic.

Private Companies
August 25
2 p.m. ET
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Legal modernization: Opportunities, obstacles, and lessons learned

Organizations looking to modernize their legal departments may face a major hurdle: gaining consensus among stakeholders on various aspects of transformation. What role can legal operations play in pushing past that hurdle? Participants will learn strategies for navigating legal department modernization and explore practical considerations for their own transformation initiative.

Tax risk and governance: Are you ready for the evolving landscape?

In addition to international demands for tax governance and transparency, the rapid response required to address COVID-19 has pressure-tested tax risk and governance frameworks in US companies. What can tax executives expect from the evolving local and global landscape on tax risk and controls in the future? Participants will evaluate emerging trends and consider ways a modern tax department can deliver on compliance while identifying, mitigating, and communicating emerging risks quickly and efficiently.

Optimizing technology costs through cloud

Amid economic uncertainty, many business leaders struggle to balance short-term cost-cutting demands with long-term transformation imperatives. How can organizations leverage cloud-enabled capabilities and optimize technology costs to not only survive, but thrive in the new normal? Participants will discover how organizations are optimizing technology spend and explore ways to effectively deploy cloud-based capabilities to drive enterprise value.

Internal audit innovations: Optimizing risk management

By leveraging leading edge internal audit practices, commercial real estate companies can optimize their resources and elevate their risk management capabilities. Participants will learn how to transform the way internal audit provides assurance services and explore ways to anticipate risks to provide greater impact to their organization.

Real Estate
August 19
1 p.m. ET
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Balancing insider threats with other risks in a post-COVID world

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work, business closures, and new suppliers and customers can present new and unfamiliar risks. But as organizations balance the safeguarding of their workforce with keeping the business running, they should not lose sight of protecting against familiar risks, specifically those that negligent or malicious insiders may pose to critical assets and data. Participants will examine steps to address insider risks and explore ways to reduce disruption, all while supporting the resilience of today's workforce.

Energy management: Attitudes and preferences in a changing world

Energy management was moving toward greater efficiency and decarbonization over the past decade. But 2020 brought profound economic and societal changes that have deeply impacted many businesses and residential energy consumers. Will customer attitudes and preferences about energy management alter its trajectory in the new decade? Participants will learn results of Deloitte's Resources 2020 survey and explore how evolving expectations, aspirations, and behaviors are driving change.

The future of health in China and the US: Embracing new disruption

How did the US and China life sciences and health care (LSHC) sector perform in the past 18 months with many companies facing headwinds such as lower GDP growth, US-China trade frictions, and the COVID-19 pandemic? These and other new dynamics could influence the future of health in the two countries. Participants will review key industry trends and learn about new opportunities and challenges that are reshaping the US and China LSHC market.

China Issues
August 13
11 a.m. ET
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A memo to HR: Expand focus and extend influence

The future of HR is calling on leaders to expand HR's focus to the entirety of work and the workforce and to extend its sphere of influence to the business ecosystem. How could this help humanize the world of work and make the most of human capital in today's dynamic environment? Participants will gain insights from Deloitte's 2020 Global Human Capital Trends and explore how HR can actively take on the vanguard of work, workforce, and workplace in the future.

HR Executives
August 12
2 p.m. ET
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Redefining the role of M&A to accelerate recovery

In today's new normal, insurers are likely to redefine the strategic role of M&A. How will these new conditions influence companies' M&A and growth decision-making? Participants will explore how to shift core growth opportunities for a new normal and consider ways that M&A strategy can accelerate their recovery.

Financial Services
August 12
1 p.m. ET
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Process analytics: Shining a new light on process improvement

Process analytics is a new method for visualizing the flow of transactions within processes and identifying opportunities to improve processes and strengthen security and internal controls. What are practical use cases and considerations for deploying it? Participants will learn how process analytics can become an important value driver and explore practical use cases for it.

Getting back to business: Strategies to reboot and recover

As life sciences and health care organizations return to work, or ramp up efforts to do so, it is critical to balance health, safety, and financial concerns. What are effective strategies for rebooting and recovering, even as organizations prepare for potential future outbreaks? Participants will learn practical back to work strategies, lessons learned, and leading practices and explore ways to tailor plans for their organizations and people.

The kinetic leader: Boldly reinventing the enterprise

Now more than ever, businesses require resilient, agile, and future-focused technology leaders. In a time where transformational change is essential, who better than tech leaders to help advance key initiatives? Participants will gain data driven insights from Deloitte's 2020 Global Technology Leadership Study on how the role of technology is changing and explore its impacts on the future of organizations.

Technology Execcutives
August 6
1 p.m. ET
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Global mobility considerations for corporate life events

When executing their growth strategies, organizations face challenges stemming from corporate life events. How can the mobility function be a key enabler of organizational success and a strategic partner to achieve the organization's goals? Participants will learn about disruptions associated with corporate life events and explore ways the mobility function can become a strategic partner through organizational change.

LDTI implementation challenges: How are insurers responding?

As insurers progress on their US GAAP Long Duration Targeted Improvements (LDTI) implementation journey, they may face many challenges. Key regulatory changes and the complexity of the current environment may affect the progress of an organization's LDTI implementation plan. Participants will learn how LDTI implementation challenges are impacting insurers and how some are planning to meet the new reporting requirements.

Zero Trust cybersecurity: Never trust, always verify

Today's modern enterprise comprises physical and virtual locations; mobile, remote, and contingent workforces; and third-party relationships. As perimeters vanish, can a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity help organizations preserve the integrity and security of their data and assets? Participants will gain insights into the Zero Trust methodology and explore ways it might be appropriate for their environment.

Blockchain 2020: An increasingly disruptive and strategic FSI story

More financial services industry (FSI) leaders today appear to believe that blockchain is real and can serve as a pragmatic and disruptive solution to business problems. Why are formerly dismissive leaders now seeing the technology's larger strategic importance? Participants will review results of Deloitte's 2020 Global Blockchain Survey and learn how blockchain is becoming a strategic reality for financial services.

Driving transactional value through proactive tax planning

As private companies emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, uncertainties are likely to follow. What role can tax planning play? Participants will explore tax implications of debt modifications and application of loss limitation rules on tax attributes and learn to assess the value of tax attributes for M&A transactions.

Private Companies
July 28
4 p.m. ET
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Turning the corner from crisis: Modernizing internal controls programs

What are internal control issues for a remote workforce to consider when performing inventory counts, and how are organizations modernizing their internal controls post-crisis? Now is the time to turn the corner from recover to respond and thrive. Participants will gain insights on changes to inventory counting that may come out of the crisis and explore benefits of using virtual technology to modernize related internal controls.

Strategic M&A: A path to thrive in the new normal?

After a period of record M&A activity over the past decade, the current downturn in the economy presents not only extraordinary challenges but also new opportunities for dealmakers. How can M&A drive disruptive business growth strategies and enhance organizational resilience? Participants will gain insights on the current M&A environment and explore ways that companies might leverage M&A to help drive a transformation even amidst global economic uncertainty.

Designing work for well-being: Living and performing at your best

Many organizations recognize the importance of employee well-being. But the vast majority are missing the biggest opportunity: integrating well-being into the design of work itself. Participants will consider new ways to build well-being into work and discover the immediate productivity benefits and longer-term dividends that can be gained from greater worker resilience and organizational performance.

HR Executives
July 22
4 p.m. ET
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