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Cognitive risk sensing: Enabling internal audit to anticipate risks

In today's dynamic business and regulatory environments, internal audit, compliance, enterprise risk managers, and others conducting risk assessments have the opportunity to expand their capabilities. How can they leverage cognitive risk-sensing analytics to detect emerging risks and anticipate disruptions? Participants will identify how cognitive risk sensing can enable the internal audit function of the future and help organizations protect and create value.

Update: Advanced pricing agreements and mutual agreement procedures

After several years of tax reform in the United States and other countries, transfer pricing controversies still abound. Should multinational businesses still consider Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs) and Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAPs) as strategies for mitigating the risk of transfer pricing controversies and double taxation? Participants will hear from the Director of the IRS APMA program about transfer pricing, APA, and MAP developments, and identify the related impacts to their organization.

Transfer Pricing
October 10
1 p.m. ET
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The future of architecture: Designing a foundation for growth

System architects are quickly becoming critical leaders in the development of new architectures supporting automation, compliance, and NoOps, while leveraging low-code/no-code and new opportunities for open source software. Is your architecture—and your architect—ready to be the foundation for the digital future? Participants will gain a view of next-gen architecture and explore actionable insights that enable a nimble organization poised to embrace what’s next.

Technology Executives
October 3
1 p.m. ET
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China's new retail: Implications for China and the world

In one generation, Chinese consumers have grown to assume an important role in retail innovation by participating in a huge mobile online population, engaging in immersive and innovative customer experiences, and driving significant gross merchandise value growth for e-commerce giants, brand owners, and fast-moving unicorns. What should multinational companies know about China's new retail? Participants will discover the new retail realities of China and explore their implications for multinational companies worldwide.

October 3
11 a.m. ET
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Taking a cyber everywhere approach for life sciences and health care

Cyber leaders in life sciences and health care organizations are focused on enterprisewide digital transformation as an important strategy to achieve greater efficiencies while also better protecting the business against cyber threats. But are organizations prepared to take such a “cyber everywhere” approach? Participants will learn how life sciences and health care organizations can take an enterprisewide approach to cyber as a fundamental component of their digital transformation strategy.

The evolution to a tech-savvy board

In a time of exponential change, technology presents an opportunity for companies to advance their strategic agendas. How can a collaborative, trusting relationship between the board and CIO increase the board's technology fluency and help business leaders align on strategy, priorities, and investments? Participants will learn how engagement and communication between the CIO and board can enhance technology-related opportunities.

Year-end updates, new developments, and recent hot topics

As companies start to plan for year-end 2019, many could benefit from insights on relevant financial reporting matters. What are the issues identified and lessons learned that may be important to consider as year-end approaches? Participants will learn about important developments and their potential impacts on financial reporting for taxes.

Mid-market technology trends: What’s next?

The pace of technology disruption continues to accelerate in all areas of business. What are important trends that private companies should watch and how should they respond? Participants will learn results of Deloitte's 2019 mid-market technology survey and the IT priorities, plans, and expectations of more than 500 senior executives from private and mid-market companies.

Private Companies
September 25
2 p.m. ET
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Smart factories: Trends in adoption, maturity, and value realization

Manufacturers are digitizing and connecting factories to realize the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution. What opportunities and challenges are they encountering as they shift toward smart factories, and how are human and cyber roles changing? Participants will learn results of a recent Deloitte and MAPI survey and key decisions manufacturers are making as they build smart factories.

Quarterly accounting roundup: Q3 2019 update on important developments

Do you know what issues the standard-setters and regulators have been addressing lately? We've been monitoring their projects and will discuss: Participants will gain a new understanding of these and other important accounting issues and developments for the quarter.

IRS conversations: An update on the Office of Appeals

In recent years, the IRS Office of Appeals has initiated numerous policy changes to various programs. What is the current state of the Office of Appeals, including important changes to key programs and initiatives, and how could these developments affect taxpayers and their representatives? Participants will gain insights from the Chief and Deputy Chief of the Office of Appeals about recent developments in its key programs and initiatives.

Tax Executives
Tax Controversy
September 19
2 p.m. ET |
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Are automotive suppliers positioned to thrive in a slowing market?

Automotive suppliers and OEMs have profited from a wave of new product and feature introductions resulting from the past decade of global economic growth and an exponential pace of innovation in autonomous, electrified, and connected technologies. But what do transformative megatrends, signs of sales plateaus, and mixed consumer interest in expensive emerging technologies mean for suppliers? Participants will hear results from Deloitte's fourth Global Automotive Supplier Study and ideas on how to drive shareholder value.

September 18
2 p.m. ET |
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Mobilizing for a post-LIBOR world: An update and lessons learned

Firms are continuing to prepare for a post-LIBOR world as the financial transition approaches in 2021 and beyond. What are recent developments and effective practices that organizations should consider in their ongoing plans? Participants will gain insights on the approaching transition away from LIBOR, how regulators are preparing, and some of the lessons learned as organizations make their own preparations.

Global perspectives on technology innovations: Focus on China’s role

With China rapidly transforming itself into a global technology leader in recent years, it is vital that executives in multinational companies understand the state of the technology industry in the world's second-largest economy. What are the key dynamics to consider in assessing the current and future market outlook? Participants will learn about the latest transformations that are reshaping the technology industry in China, and what it may mean for their business.

China Issues
September 12
11 a.m. ET |
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