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Third-party risk: Optimizing the extended enterprise

In many organizations there is focus on extended enterprise risk management (EERM) practices. What are drivers behind that movement, and what are top-of-mind themes for boards, leaders, and practitioners? Participants will discover a unique approach to managing their third-party ecosystem and explore ways to better structure their organization to drive and protect value while becoming more nimble.

TMT outlook 2020: Innovation and disruption continue unabated

Important trends are shaping the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industry. What developments should you anticipate for 2020? Participants will explore implications of these trends and assess how they may affect the TMT industry throughout 2020.

The evolution of accounting: Building a sustainable framework for the future

With the release of many new accounting standards in recent years, organizations are finding the need to build a sustainable framework to implement these new requirements. But how do finance professionals create a process that can evolve with the dynamic regulatory environment? Participants will explore ways to build a scalable accounting model that can evolve with accelerated changes and examine leading practices to optimize for controllership.

Outlook 2020: Fortifying the core for the next wave of disruption

A new wave of disruption, more forceful and pervasive than seen in recent years, is likely to unfold in the next decade. How can banks fortify their core foundation to prepare? Participants will explore areas of disruption likely to appear in coming years and assess ways banks can begin to prepare for this future in 2020.

Economic outlook 2020: More of a good thing ahead?

Going into 2020, the global economy is decelerating sharply, with the United States and Europe at risk of recession. Despite record low unemployment, a burgeoning trade war has had a stifling effect on business investment and trade flows, not only in the United States but also broadly around the world. Participants will review results of Deloitte’s global economic outlook survey and determine what could lie ahead for their private and mid-market companies in 2020.

Private Companies
January 28
2 p.m. ET
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Data protection and remediation: Defending strategic digital assets

Many organizations are drowning in a sea of data that may represent significant untapped value. What can organizations do to manage the information onslaught and safely use data to their advantage? Participants will discover how a robust, repeatable, and defensible data protection and remediation program can help value, govern, trust, and secure data and identify ways to lower costs, reduce regulatory risk, sustain governance, and improve security.

Annual tax technology update: What's in store for 2020?

Digital transformation continues its steady march across enterprises, and tax departments are no exception. What are important updates and enhancements coming soon in the major income tax platforms? Participants will evaluate recent and upcoming software releases for functionality applicable to their processes and plan for the technology needed to support this year’s income tax cycle.

Tax Operations
January 23
11 a.m ET 
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Capital allocation: A stakeholder balancing act

As one of a CFO’s most important tasks, capital allocation is often influenced by many stakeholders. How can CFOs balance stakeholder interests while championing the company’s best interests and improving the process itself? Participants will identify stakeholders, define their expectations, and explore ways to measure and improve capital allocation results.

Driving Enterprise Value
January 22
2: p.m. ET
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2020 investment management outlook: Crossing boundaries

Despite steady industry growth for years, long-only investment managers have dealt with constant fee pressure, a shift to passive investments, and concentration of success in gathering assets. Could these challenges push investment managers to cross boundaries and leave their comfort zones in 2020? Participants will discover how reimagining growth, developing new operational efficiencies, and improving client experiences can help investment managers find and delight investors with revitalized capabilities.

Financial Services
January 22
11: a.m. ET
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Digital clinical trials: Elevating the patient experience

While digital technology is widely available to the general population, it generally has not made its way into clinical trials. That's all changing. Participants will explore how virtual clinical trials are changing the way research is conducted and identify ways they ultimately benefit the patient.

Life Sciences & Health Care
January 21
1: p.m. ET  
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How large-scale, resilient organizations thrive in a complex world

Adapt or risk becoming obsolete is a fundamental rule of nature and business. As the speed of business continues to accelerate, how do leading organizations thrive while others struggle to adapt? Participants will identify traits that distinguish resilient organizations and evaluate actions they can take to become more adaptable and resilient themselves.

HR executives
January 15
2: p.m. ET
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2020 commercial real estate outlook: Revolutionizing tenant experience

Emerging technologies and analytics are helping commercial real estate (CRE) leaders make more informed decisions and create a more memorable tenant experience. What lies ahead in 2020? Participants will explore insights from Deloitte's 2020 CRE outlook survey and assess how to prepare for top CRE priorities of 2020.

Real Estate
January 15
1: p.m. ET
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Cybersecurity on the front lines: A call to action

As cyber technologies continue to proliferate, cybersecurity risks grow. Have you deployed innovative approaches and challenged conventional thinking in your management of cybersecurity? Participants will discover ways to enhance cyber program capabilities and determine how to benefit from risk assessments of cybersecurity controls and reporting effectiveness across the three lines of defense.

Designing emotionally intelligent human experiences

Customers increasingly judge their worst experience with one brand against the best experience they have with that brand’s competitors. How are organizations using integrated arrays of immersive and leading edge technologies to design customized, emotionally intelligent human experiences that complement and enrich rather than limiting experiential possibilities? Participants will discover how to recognize behaviors and explore ways to use technology to create an experience that is contextually appropriate to the user.

Technology Executives
January 9
1 p.m. ET
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Global equity update: Preparing for 2020 stock compensation activity

A significant amount of stock comp activity, from grants to vests, often takes place in the first quarter each year. Is your company prepared, and what are key considerations as you gear up this year? Participants will identify important new trends in equity compensation and explore tax planning and compliance considerations for their 2020 stock release.

2020 insurance outlook: Poised for growth despite volatile economy

The insurance industry remains resilient, continuing to generate growth around the world and maintaining overall profitability despite turbulence in the global economy. What trends and other factors could shape the industry in 2020? Participants will explore current trends in the insurance industry and discover what lies on the horizon for budgets, technology systems, regulations, and more.

Financial Services
January 8
1 p.m. ET
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Multistate tax controversy: Trends, governance, and issue resolution

In the wake of one of the most challenging tax filing seasons in recent history, states will have significant data to digest. With that and the changing dynamics of the traditional corporate tax department presenting unique challenges, how prepared are you for what’s coming? Participants will explore trends in multistate tax controversy management and evaluate options and issues that can help them prepare for the future.

Multistate Tax
January 7
1 p.m. ET 
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