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Webcasts are archived for 180 days after the live broadcast. Webcasts archived in the last month can be accessed on this page. On-demand webcasts are available on their respective series pages. For a complete program schedule and topic information, view the Dbriefs Digest or the Webcast calendarCPE credit is not available for viewing On-demand webcasts. 

The innovation imperative: Close the gap with business strategy

A significant gap often exists between the current and desired state of an organization's innovation capabilities. What steps can IT leaders take to better align innovation to business strategy? Participants will gain insights, backed by research, that can empower their innovation business case and open new discussions around technology's role in achieving business objectives.

Technology Executives
August 14
2 p.m. ET
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Risk management for universities: It’s time for an integrated approach

Recent headlines have underscored the importance for universities to implement an integrated approach to risk management, including the processes, governance, and culture necessary to protect their brand and build their value. Participants can explore how enhanced visibility of emerging risks can lead to a more risk intelligent institution.

Driving efficiency and sustainability in capital management

As organizations look to increase shareholder value, they may seek ways to manage their capital requirements and usage with greater effectiveness and efficiency. This increasingly involves looking to more effectively manage their balance sheets in addition to focusing on data and process improvements. Participants will learn how robust capital management practices may help drive increased risk-adjusted profitability and value creation, better enabling business decisioning and regulatory compliance.

Tax technology transformation: Head in the clouds?

Many companies are considering or planning migrations to cloud ERP platforms, providing opportunities for tax departments to take significant steps toward a digital future of enhanced data and analytics capabilities. By driving a fundamental shift in how technology products are built and delivered, how can cloud enable other technologies that tax departments can leverage? Participants will gain an enhanced understanding of cloud technologies, specific opportunities to consider, and how to discuss tax integration opportunities with finance and IT teams.

Risk management and internal audit: Innovating with technology

As technology continues to disrupt industries, real estate risk management and internal audit functions are being challenged to increase efficiency, create capacity, and provide new approaches to providing assurance. How are organizations approaching these challenges? Participants will learn about new and innovative technologies real estate companies are using to mitigate risk while gaining other benefits in their internal audit capabilities.

Real Estate
July 25
2 p.m. ET
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Government cloud: Looking beyond efficiency, driving mission innovation

The government journey to cloud computing shouldn't end with migration. How can your organization use it to lay the groundwork for future innovation? Participants will discover how cloud innovation, leveraging advanced capabilities such as analytics, can help accelerate and extend agency mission capabilities.

From edge to cloud processing: Finding the right balance

As asset-intensive businesses increasingly turn to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to track and manage resources, the data collected is growing exponentially. To gain agility, speed, and scale, organizations are beginning to process data at the edge vs. in the cloud. Participants will learn how the data processing burden of IoT solutions could increasingly be shared between cloud and edge computing and considerations for balancing the two.

The future of risk in the digital era

Just as digital technologies are helping drive transformative change across industries, they are also presenting new risks. How can companies balance risk taking with risk mitigation to protect and extend their digital investments? Participants will discover how the digital technologies that are creating new risks can also be used for smart risk taking and risk mitigation.

The future of work in life sciences and health care: Are you ready?

Within 10 years, nearly half of US jobs could be automated and nearly all customer interactions could be driven by artificial intelligence. Will the life sciences and health care industry make the necessary changes? Participants will explore the future of work and learn strategies to prepare for the transformation.