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Dbriefs Webcast

Dbriefs CPE information

To be eligible for Continuing Professional Education credits, you must:

  •     View the original live Webcast.
  •      Meet the eligibility requirements below.

Eligibility requirements for all Webcasts (Group Internet-Based Programs) are as follows:

Length of webcast
(in minutes)

Viewing Time
(in minutes)




minimum 50 

3 or more 



minimum 75 

5 or more 



minimum 100

6 or more 



Pre-Requisite Education/Experience and Advance Preparation

There are no Pre-Requisite Education/Experience and/or Advance Preparation requirements to participate in Dbriefs webcasts.

Important Notes

  • Eligible participants can download their CPE certificate immediately following the live webcast. Participants will also receive their CPE certificate via email at the email address used to register for the webcast.
  • CPE credit for Deloitte professionals is reflected in the Deloitte CPE Tracking system, usually within 30 days.
  • We are unable to grant CPE credit in cases where technical difficulties preclude eligibility. CPE Program Sponsorship guidelines prohibit us from issuing credit to those not verified by the technology to have satisfied the minimum requirements listed above.
  • CPE credit is offered for every series.

Cancellations / Concerns Contact

Contact Dbriefs for any concerns.

There is no cost to attend Dbriefs, nor is there any cancellation policy.

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