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General FAQ

Alert: Deloitte Employees – Single Sign-On (SSO) changes from 6/28/2019:

Beginning 6/28/19, Deloitte employees can join and log in to My Deloitte/Dbriefs by only entering a Deloitte email address. After entering your email on a Deloitte laptop, the system will authenticate you via SSO and email validation not required. Existing users who joined in the past using a Deloitte email will use SSO to access same account.

How do I register for a webcast?

You may register from the Upcoming programs pages listed in the menu to the right or directly from our invitation emails. From either place, when you activate the "Register" button you will be taken to our registration login. Once you have completed the entire form for your first webcast, you may register for each subsequent webcast by entering only your email address*.

Issues with login and registration?

For questions about Dbriefs login and registration, visit the My Deloitte FAQ. Click here for more information, or contact

Is there a deadline for registration? 

No, although we recommend registering no later than 30 minutes prior to any event. Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent containing the link needed to access the webcast. 

Does registration ever close?

Only after the webcast has been aired. It may then be viewed at any time from our archives page.

After I register for a webcast, when will I receive the details necessary to access it?

Upon registering, you will be sent an automatic confirmation email with the access link. We will also send a reminder notice shortly before the event.

How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Dbriefs mailing list? 

You may join the mailing list by selecting the Subscribe to Dbriefs link below or simply by attending a webcast. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link that appears in each of our invitations, or by updating your 'My Deloitte' profile.

How much does it cost to view a webcast?

Nothing—they're absolutely free.

How long are the webcasts?

Unless it specifically states otherwise, all Dbriefs Webcasts will last for approximately one hour.

What is the ideal time to join a webcast? 

We recommend joining the webcast about five to 15 minutes before it begins, to make sure your computer is configured properly.

What if I missed a live webcast? 

All Dbriefs Webcasts are archived for 180 days after they originally air. For a complete list of past programming, please visit the Dbriefs archives.

Technical FAQ

What are the minimum technical requirements to view a webcast?

The following requirements may exceed your current system configuration, however, these specifications are recommended in order to provide an optimal experience listening to/and/or viewing events.


  • Windows 7+ (Microsoft Edge, latest Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome)
  • Apple Mac OS 10.9+ (*latest Firefox, Safari, or Chrome)
  • Ubuntu Linux (Firefox only)
  • Android 4.x (Chrome browser only)
  • Apple iOs (*Latest version, Safari browser only)

* Official support for the "latest" version of a newly released browser, among those noted above, will be added within eight weeks of public release. Until then, the previous version will continue to be supported instead.

If you are using an unsupported version of a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system, you may experience difficulty in viewing and/or listening to the event.

Media Players

Flash Player (*Latest)

Internet Browsers
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Mozilla Firefox (*Latest)
  • Safari (*Latest, Mac only)
  • Google Chrome (*Latest)
To determine the version installed on your computer, complete the following steps:
  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click the "Help" menu.
  3. Click "About."
You can download a newer version of each browser by visiting the websites below.
Internet connection

Before you access the event, you should ensure that your browser is configured to stream media. For audio events you will need a minimum Internet connection of 64 Kbps and above. For video events you will need a minimum Internet connection of 400 Kbps and above.

Cookies and JavaScript

In order to access the event, your computer must have cookies and JavaScript enabled. If your operating system currently does not have cookies or JavaScript enabled, contact your network administrator or reference the help links located on the registration page.

To enable cookies support when using Internet Explorer, complete the following steps:
  1. Run Internet Explorer
  2. Click on "Tools" on the menu at the top
  3. Click on "Internet options"
  4. Click on the "Privacy" tab
  5. Click on the "Advanced" button
  6. Select "Override automatic cookie handling"
  7. Select "Always allow session cookies"
To enable cookies support when using Mozilla Firefox, complete the following steps:

Run Firefox

  1. Click on "Tools" on the menu at the top
  2. Click on "Options"
  3. Click on the "Privacy" icon on the left column
  4. Select the checkbox "Accept cookies from sites"
  5. Click "OK"
To enable cookies support when using Safari, complete the following steps:
  1. Run Safari
  2. From the Safari menu, select "Preferences...."
  3. Select the security icon
  4. Check the box marked "Enable Java"
  5. Check the box marked "Enable JavaScript"
  6. Select one of the two options that allow Safari to accept cookies:
  7. "Only for sites you navigate to"
  8. "Always"
  9. Close window
To enable cookies support when using Google Chrome, complete the following steps:
  1. Run Google Chrome
  2. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
  3. Select "Options"
  4. Click the "Under the hood" tab
  5. Click "Content settings" in the "Privacy" section
  6. Make sure "Allow local data to be set" is selected for "Cookies"

Is there a dial-in number for the webcast?

No. All audio and visual aspects are streamed directly over the Internet and come through your computer.

Why can't I hear anything?

There are several factors that impact audio performance. First, check the following: Are there speakers on the computer? Does the computer have a sound card installed? Is the volume set too low or set to mute? If you still can't hear anything, visit our Webcast help page.

Sometimes I lose sound for a few seconds. Why is that?

The delay in sound is due to buffering. Because our webcast is entirely Internet-based, this will happen occasionally. However, rest assured the sound will pick up where it left off and no audio will be lost.

Can I still view webcasts if I have a Mac?

Yes. Please see the Operating system configurations/Internet browsers area for supported Mac configurations.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) FAQ

How do I get CPE credit for attending this webcast?

Eligible participants can download their CPE certificate immediately following the live webcast. Participants will also receive their CPE certificate via email at the email address used to register for the webcast. 

Can I get CPE credit by watching the archive?

No. In order to receive credit, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) requires that you attend the initial live event.

Update to group CPE credit: There are six of us watching the live event on one computer, how will we all get CPE credit?

Our functionality has changed for granting CPE to individuals watching a live webcast in a group setting. We are no longer able to provide CPE credit for all individuals watching a live webcast on one computer. In order to request and obtain CPE credit, each individual will need to be logged in to view the original live webcast and meet the eligibility requirements

How long will it take to receive CPE credit?

Eligible participants can download their CPE certificate immediately following the live webcast. Participants will also receive their CPE certificate via email at the email address used to register for the webcast. 

How can I obtain a copy of the slides used during the webcast?

The slides from a webcast may be downloaded directly from the webcast screen, for both live and archived presentations.

Mobile viewing FAQ

Dbriefs attendees can view live and archived webcasts from mobile devices such as Apple and Android Smartphones and tablets. The Dbriefs console runs on the device's built-in browser and displays a toolbar which enables the viewer to easily switch between slides, Q&A, and media streams. Viewers can also respond to polls and complete surveys. CPE credit for live webcasts is available to those attendees that meet the eligibility requirements.

What are the minimum technical specifications required for mobile devices to view Dbriefs?

The following requirements may exceed your current system configuration, however, these specifications are recommended in order to provide an optimal viewing experience:

  • Android Devices with OS 4.0+ do not require a Flash Player, Webkit, or Chrome browser (Native browser only)
  • Apple iPhone 4+ and iPad – iOS 5.0+, Safari browser (*latest version, native (Safari) browser only)
  • Windows phones do not support Dbriefs.
  • If you are running an unsupported version of an operating system or browser software, you may experience difficulty viewing the webcast.

Is a Wi-Fi connection required?

Wi-Fi is not required, though it is highly recommended.

Are any downloads/apps required to view a webcast on a mobile device?

No. The system will detect the device and deliver the webcast using the built-in web browser.

Can the slides be saved using a mobile device?

Yes. For PDFs, iOS devices will have the PDF display in the browser. From there you have the option of saving it in any app that can accommodate it (Google Drive, Evernote, Books, etc.). Android devices have a download area and the PDF will download directly there. Note, it may not display unless you go into the download area and open the PDF file.

Will a phone call interrupt my live webcast experience? If so, will those minutes be counted toward CPE?

Yes, phone calls on your mobile device will interrupt your webcast experience. Your attendance time however will not be interrupted, so your minutes continue to accumulate while you’re on the phone. When your phone conversation ends, you may have to manually press the play button on the browser to resume the webcast. This can vary per device.

How do I clear the cache on the iPhone or iPad?

Clearing the cache will help resolve most technical issues.

  1. Go to "Settings."
  2. Select "Safari."
  3. Click "Clear Cache."

How do I clear the cache on an Android?

  1. Open the browser and then hit the menu key.
  2. Click on the "More Options" button.
  3. Click on "Settings."
  4. Hit "Clear cache."
  5. You'll then be presented with a verification menu. Hit "Okay" or "Clear cache" again (depending on the version of your phone) to complete the process.
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