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Special Edition Webcast

China Issues
April 9
11:00 AM ET | 15:00 GMT
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New Indirect Transfer Rules in China: A Major Improvement?

On February 3, the Chinese State Administration of Taxation released Bulletin 7, a comprehensive regulation addressing indirect transfers of Chinese taxable assets by foreign nonresident enterprises. Bulletin 7 provides guidance on assessing transaction taxability and exceptions, clarifies some unresolved issues, and improves administrative procedures on tax collections. Learn how this new rule could affect your existing and future investments, as well as divestments, involving China properties.

Federal & State Government
March 24
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Government Shared Service Providers: The Importance of Building a Sound Governance Model

The relationship between a shared service (SS) provider and its customers can be complicated and dynamic. These challenges are often more acute in government environments where fiscal and political factors may affect these relationships and the need for good governance is paramount. Learn possible ways SS provider governance models can be improved while balancing customer needs.

Financial Executives
Financial Reporting
March 24
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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EITF Roundup: Highlights from the March Meeting

The FASB's Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) will meet in March to review emerging issues. We'll discuss the results of this meeting. Stay in touch with new accounting guidance and potential future guidance resulting from the deliberations of the EITF.


Financial Services
Investment Management
March 25
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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What Offshore Fund Directors Need to Know About Audits and Taxes

The role of the offshore fund director has evolved rapidly in response to increased regulatory oversight, a renewed focus on litigation risks, and the challenges of running a fund. Learn more about strategies that may help fund directors successfully navigate the new realities of their role.


Analytics Trends for 2015: How Can TMT Companies Capitalize?

The convergence of several disruptive trends in the coming year could be transformative for technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies. How could some of these resulting analytics trends impact your organization and customers? Gain insights on 2015 analytics trends through recent Deloitte research, and learn new ways to harness the power of analytics and related  technologies in your own organization.


From Disruption to Opportunity: Managing and Capitalizing on Strategic Risk

The topple rate which marks how frequently leading firms fall from front-runner positions has more than doubled in recent years. What factors are driving this rapid change, and what can companies do to effectively manage strategic risk's inherent uncertainties? Learn steps your company can take to address and capitalize on strategic risk in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

Tax Executives
International Tax
March 26
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Cross-Border M&A Transactions: Practical and Technical Tax Considerations

When businesses undertake cross-border mergers and acquisitions, they often focus on financial and operational synergies and other deal mechanics. But what tax-related opportunities and challenges might affect deal value of the transaction both at closing and over time? Gain new tax insights on the often complex area of cross-border M&A transactions.

Financial Accounting and Reporting for Income Taxes: Current Developments and Interim Reporting Complexities

The financial accounting rules applicable to accounting for income taxes in interim periods are very different than the rules applicable to annual periods. New tax legislation and standard-setting developments can potentially impact a company's financial accounting and reporting of income taxes in both interim and annual periods. What are the latest changes that may be important for your organization to consider, and what do you need to know to prepare for the complexities of interim financial statement reporting? Gain valuable insights on the latest developments and areas of complexity related to interim financial reporting for taxes.

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