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The future of health: How industry sectors can prepare now for 2040

Converging factors are disrupting today’s traditional health care sectors. What will they look like in 2040 as a result? Participants will gain a glimpse of the future of health and how industry stakeholders can prepare today for the transformation.

Life Sciences & Health Care
June 20
1 p.m. ET | 17:00 GMT
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Energy management: Technology and customer preferences driving change

New technologies and evolving customer attitudes are impacting how residential and business customers manage energy use. What does this mean for electricity providers and for your company’s energy management practices? Participants will learn results of Deloitte’s Resources 2019 survey and how evolving customer expectations, aspirations, and behaviors are driving change.

Energy, Resources, & Industrials
June 27
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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Diversity and inclusion: Responding to changing workforce demographics

As Gen Z begins to reshape the workplace, many employers don't understand how different they are from millennials. Also, many organizations are unsuccessful in retaining and developing women of color. What changes in diversity and inclusion can organizations make to welcome these workers and help them thrive? Participants will hear from the CEO of the Network of Executive Women about engaging Gen Z and women of color.

The future of work in life sciences and health care: Are you ready?

Within 10 years, nearly half of US jobs could be automated and nearly all customer interactions could be driven by artificial intelligence. Will the life sciences and health care industry make the necessary changes? Participants will explore the future of work and learn strategies to prepare for the transformation.

Government cloud: Looking beyond efficiency, driving mission innovation

The government journey to cloud computing shouldn't end with migration. How can your organization use it to lay the groundwork for future innovation? Participants will discover how cloud innovation, leveraging advanced capabilities such as analytics, can help accelerate and extend agency mission capabilities.

Risk management and internal audit: Innovating with technology

As technology continues to disrupt industries, real estate risk management and internal audit functions are being challenged to increase efficiency, create capacity, and provide new approaches to providing assurance. How are organizations approaching these challenges? Participants will learn about new and innovative technologies real estate companies are using to mitigate risk while gaining other benefits in their internal audit capabilities.

Real Estate
July 25
2 p.m. ET
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Risk management for universities: It’s time for an integrated approach

Recent headlines have underscored the importance for universities to implement an integrated approach to risk management, including the processes, governance, and culture necessary to protect their brand and build their value. Participants can explore how enhanced visibility of emerging risks can lead to a more risk intelligent institution.

Government & Education
August 14
2 p.m. ET
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