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Real estate tax update: Preparing for what lies ahead

Even in an election year, some tax reforms from 2017 are still playing out. How could they affect the real estate industry, and how can companies in the industry prepare for other tax developments ahead? Participants will explore the current tax landscape, examine how the upcoming presidential candidates’ tax proposals might affect the real estate market in the near future, and consider ways they can be poised to address future developments.

Real Estate
June 3
1 p.m. ET
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The future of health: Has COVID-19 brought us closer?

Even as organizations respond to the pandemic, signs are emerging that a future of health influenced by several key drivers may be even closer than predicted. What new and old themes are gaining steam that might affect health in the future? Participants will explore six drivers that are accelerating change and consider key choices facing today's health system and companies interested in investing in health.

ERP transformation: A new era of transparency and efficiency

Many government and higher education organizations are transforming their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for various reasons. How can they strategically plan for increased data transparency, operational efficiencies, and automation of processes? Participants will explore ways to leverage innovation and emerging technologies and gain insights on improving financial processes, data visibility, and internal controls as part of an overall ERP transformation strategy.

Catalyzing innovation in chemicals: Pathways to long-term success

In a chemical industry that is rapidly changing, strategies and approaches that created value in the past may not work in an increasingly agile and digital world. Being able to leverage innovation could be a matter of survival in the future. Participants will identify what creates long-term value in a chemical company and explore ways to develop a strong foundation for innovation.

Digital media trends 2020: Multigenerational insights and implications

As digital media evolves, consumers across age groups are changing the way they use and consume content. For technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies, understanding and harnessing these attitudes and behaviors can mean a difference between thriving or fading. Participants will gain insights from Deloitte’s Digital Media Trends, 14th edition, and determine how these trends might affect strategic planning for TMT companies.