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Exploring the SAP S/4HANA finance transformation journey

The finance function is facing a new frontier in which CFOs are expected to drive growth strategies, demonstrate agility, deliver real-time simulation capabilities, and still provide effective risk management. What role do ERP systems play in this new world, and how can they help change the way finance operates by introducing advanced technical capabilities? Participants will gain a basic understanding of S/4HANA's capabilities and how other companies are approaching, executing, and reaping benefits from their transformation journey.

September 11
2 p.m. ET
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Cognitive risk sensing: Enabling internal audit to anticipate risks

In today's dynamic business and regulatory environments, internal audit, compliance, enterprise risk managers, and others conducting risk assessments have the opportunity to expand their capabilities. How can they leverage cognitive risk-sensing analytics to detect emerging risks and anticipate disruptions? Participants will identify how cognitive risk sensing can enable the internal audit function of the future and help organizations protect and create value.

October 10
2 p.m. ET
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Capital-intensive project ROI: Consider the social impacts

Beyond job creation and new tax revenues, companies increasingly need to articulate other community impacts of their capital investments in new and existing locations. What effects could bringing social impact measurement into ROI discussions have on decision-making around location-specific, capital-intensive projects? Participants will examine ways social impact measurement can help generate insights to drive better decision-making.

December 5
1 p.m. ET
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