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Lights Out Finance: New horizons for a dynamic finance capability

How can finance leaders streamline processes, get the best out of their talent, and partner at higher levels across the organization? We have an idea: We call it “Lights Out Finance”—where finance can turn down the focus on transactional processes and turn up the focus on strategic insights. Participants will explore how Lights Out can help increase efficiencies, provide more predictive insights, and help finance become a dynamic capability.

October 5
2 p.m. ET
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Finance AI: Leverage the power of AI to drive insights and efficiency

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools, technology, and capabilities are rapidly transcending industries, sectors, and organizational functions. Developments in AI provide substantial opportunities for Finance organizations to enhance revenue generation and planning, and drive efficiencies in overall operations. Participants will discover the value of AI in Finance and learn how to apply AI capabilities to core finance domains.

October 19
2 p.m. ET
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