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Digital forensics in the cloud: A new dimension in legal discovery

Cloud computing brings new challenges and opportunities to forensics, discovery, and investigations. What can organizations do to address this fast-changing environment? Participants will discover the impact of cloud on legal and compliance and determine issues they should consider as they expand their cloud presence.

Exploring the Oracle Cloud finance transformation journey

The finance function is facing a new frontier in which CFOs are expected to drive growth strategies, demonstrate agility, deliver real-time simulation capabilities, and still provide effective risk management. What role do cloud ERP systems play in this new world, and how can they help change the way finance operates by introducing advanced technical capabilities? Participants will gain a basic understanding of Oracle Cloud’s capabilities and explore how other companies are approaching, executing, and reaping benefits from their transformation journey.

Quarterly accounting roundup: Q1 2020 update on important developments

Do you know what issues the standard-setters and regulators have been addressing lately? We’ve been monitoring their projects. Participants will explore these and other important accounting issues and developments for the quarter and determine their applicability to their organizations.

Financial Reporting
March 24
1 p.m. ET
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Financial accounting and reporting for income taxes: Important updates

What income tax accounting matters should you be thinking about in 2020? How will you continue to address impacts of developments in the post-tax reform world? Participants will assess the latest developments and areas of complexity related to tax accounting and determine how those developments might affect their companies.

Driving value through M&A: The vital role of the board

Mergers and acquisitions are a strategic priority for many companies, creating potentially significant effects on shareholder value. With M&A activity helping drive transformation of companies, how can boards be in sync with management on their M&A decisions? Participants will hear results of a recent National Association of Corporate Directors and Deloitte survey and explore ways that boards can drive value through their companies’ M&A transactions.