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Agile leadership: Embracing the change you want to see

Confronting high-velocity change, risk management and controls professionals are stepping up to deliver assurance, advise on business issues, and anticipate risk, including adopting agile principles. For example, internal audit (IA) leaders have implemented agile IA but are finding it harder than expected to adopt an agile mindset and become agile leaders. Have they really transformed? Participants will identify attributes of Agile IA and explore ways to innovate through an agile mindset.

Intercompany accounting: Taming the wild beast

From globalization and regulatory scrutiny to widespread tax reform, many factors are affecting how companies need to address intercompany accounting today. How can corporate controllers use technology to develop a more standardized, cost-effective, and compliant intercompany accounting model? Participants will explore ways to transform the intercompany accounting model and examine leading practices that address challenges and optimize related processes.

Tax accounting: Year-end reporting, updates, and other hot topics

As year-end 2019 approaches, new regulations and guidance give many tax departments more to accomplish in a short period of time. What tax accounting and financial reporting matters may be important for your company as the new year gets closer? Participants will review the latest tax accounting developments and assess their impact on financial reporting for taxes.

Quarterly accounting roundup: Q4 2019 update on important developments

Do you know what issues the standard-setters and regulators have been addressing lately? We’ve been monitoring their projects. Participants will explore these and other important accounting issues and developments for the quarter and assess the possible implications for their organizations.

Financial Reporting
December 18
1 p.m. ET
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Cybersecurity on the front lines: A call to action

As cyber technologies continue to proliferate, cybersecurity risks grow. Have you deployed innovative approaches and challenged conventional thinking in your management of cybersecurity? Participants will discover ways to enhance cyber program capabilities and determine how to benefit from risk assessments of cybersecurity controls and reporting effectiveness across the three lines of defense.

Capital allocation: A stakeholder balancing act

As one of a CFO’s most important tasks, capital allocation is often influenced by many stakeholders. How can CFOs balance stakeholder interests while championing the company’s best interests and improving the process itself? Participants will identify stakeholders, define their expectations, and explore ways to measure and improve capital allocation results.

Driving Enterprise Value
January 22
2 p.m. ET |
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Data protection and remediation: Defending strategic digital assets

Many organizations are drowning in a sea of data that may represent significant untapped value. What can organizations do to manage the information onslaught and safely use data to their advantage? Participants will discover how a robust, repeatable, and defensible data protection and remediation program can help value, govern, trust, and secure data and identify ways to lower costs, reduce regulatory risk, sustain governance, and improve security.