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Controllership's next normal: Looking beyond the pandemic

Some organizations are considering the pandemic as a catalyst for transformation. How can controllership organizations leverage that opportunity to recover and thrive? Participants will gain insights on changes likely to come out of the crisis and explore benefits of using transformation initiatives to drive a more strategic controllership function.

Special Edition

COVID-19 and manufacturers: Workforce safety and reentry

As manufacturers begin to transition from crisis response to recovery, integration between operations and employee experience is critical. How can manufacturers effectively ramp-up operations while maintaining health and safety? Participants will examine pandemic-related factors affecting the health and safety of workers and explore a flexible approach to preparing for and executing each plant’s restart/ramp-up.

Technology-enabled finance strategy: The value of a holistic approach

While many organizations are quick to think that technology alone can solve all problems, if certain strategy fundamentals aren’t in place, finance executives can expect frustration and a significantly lower return on technology investment. How can the finance function help build a solid technology-enabled vision and road map to deliver sustainable value? Participants will examine why technology-enabled finance strategy matters and explore the fundamental building blocks of creating one.

Fighting fraud proactively: Protect your reputation and bottom line

Efforts to find and thwart fraud are typically reactionary because reviewers often lack a comprehensive view of the business. Now, enterprise fraud management (EFM) programs are helping organizations think about risks before they become problems. Participants will discover how AI-enabled solutions and cognitive analytics techniques can help proactively monitor business activities and will explore implementation considerations.

The future of work: A path to reimagining the possibilities

Just as technology is disrupting long-standing business models, it is changing the way people work. How will work be defined in reimagined companies? Participants will gain insight into the latest workforce trends and explore ways to prepare an organization for the future of work.

Modernization of the finance workforce: New insights for CFOs

Emerging technologies are changing what finance professionals do and how they do it, sometimes significantly. How can CFOs align today’s finance talent to the promise of tomorrow’s technologies while maintaining a workforce that can still fulfill the company’s basic financial and regulatory requirements? Participants will discover actions they can take now to determine which workers will thrive in a digital world and explore ways to upskill them most effectively.

Ingraining financial discipline for optimized performance

Whether a company is going through aggressive growth or tightly managing margins, how can the finance function create the culture and operating discipline to optimize financial performance over the long term? Participants will identify key elements of implementing greater financial discipline, from organizational structure to performance reporting, and explore ways to improve their own organization’s approach.