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Technology-driven marketing: Customer experience reimagined

To remain competitive, companies are creating more personalized, contextualized, and dynamic experiences that hope to exceed customers’ evolving expectations. How are CMOs and CIOs working together to enable data-driven science along with intuition-based art? Participants will learn how CMOs and CIOs can transform marketing to enable a superb human experience, grounded in data.

April 30
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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The shifting momentum of blockchain

An inflection point has arrived as companies shift from blockchain tourism to building practical blockchain applications for business. But as this phenomenon unfolds, practitioners will likely confront a number of key issues. Participants will explore findings from Deloitte’s 2019 global blockchain survey and implications for their organizations.

June 6
2 p.m. ET | 18:00 GMT
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