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Change Management Training and Communications Strategy, Design, and Delivery Services

Navigating the people side of business transformations

As employers work to refine their business strategies, they are stepping up their focus on organizational performance. Deloitte's Change Management Training and Communications Strategy Services help companies successfully navigate the crucial talent aspect of business and digital transformations.

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Our Change Management Training Services span end-user training, employee learning and development, and program measurement.

Training Needs Assessment and Program Design
Understanding the learning needs for specific programs or initiatives in your organization can be daunting—especially when they affect multiple departments. Through our training needs assessment, we analyze the what, when, where, and how of your users' learning needs. We then work with you to design a strategic end-user training plan that's adapted to your organization's unique environment and culture.

Training Curriculum Design and Development
We apply our methodology to structure and organize the individual learning needs of your transformation. Then, we help you decide on effective learning methods to reach all the audiences involved at the required level and format.

End-user Training, Planning, and Delivery
Scheduling training programs can be a complex and intricate activity. Sometimes this process spans multiple geographies, languages, and cultures. Whether these pieces of training are webinars, in-person sessions, or e-learning delivered to mobile devices, we put our vast training deployment experience and ensure all your training efforts run smoothly.

Change Management Training Program Effectiveness, Measurement, and Assessment
It's important for your organization to understand that learning is not a singular task or goal to be accomplished—but a journey. We invest in tracking your progress throughout the training process, which allows for necessary adjustments and changes to be made that foster the highest levels of learning retention and solution adoption.

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Learn more about our Communications Services

Our Communications Services help clients fine-tune their transformation messaging, starting with these representative activities.

Communication Assessment Strategy and Program Planning
Understanding how your employees receive information is critical for successful communications. We look closely at your organization's capabilities and the goals of your transformation. Then, we're able to better understand the content that needs distribution, the audiences, the actors, and the timing of the messaging. These foundational efforts help ensure everyone is aware of and on board with your transformation efforts as they unfold.

Change Management Communication Design, Development, and Delivery
Impactful messaging can leave a lasting impression. We're here to help you develop and distribute communications in the most compelling way possible—conveying a message that's clear and easy to understand.

Communication Effectiveness Assessment
Strong, well-written messages are understood and absorbed by their audiences. Using analytics, we examine and evaluate your communications from the receiver's perspective to assess how they are resonating. The results are used to further refine and improve the effectiveness of the messaging.

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