Functional Integration & Carve Outs

Tailored plans from tested experiences

​ In the same way that constructing a building from a vision cast in the blueprint requires intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the components and coordination of the subcontractors, the same is true with post-merger integration and carve outs/divestitures. Time inexorably marches on, and without extensive integration knowledge and experience, along with well-honed methodologies, tools, and resources, the process can become bogged down, costs can soar, and synergy targets can rapidly fall by the wayside.

Fast track

Deloitte's M&A Functional Integration & Carve Outs practice offers the knowledge, experience, and effective practices gained over the course of thousands of transactions.

We have clearly defined integration and carve out methodologies by corporate function, including finance, human resources, information technology, research and development, sales and marketing, and supply chain. We can provide a tailored plan based on tested experiences. This approach can save time and mitigate risk at each step of the integration or carve out.

Functional Integration & Carve Outs services

  • Day One functional readiness and execution
  • Functional synergy targeting and realization (integrations)
  • Stranded cost identification and minimization (carve outs)
  • Operating model and organization design
  • Supply chain, suppliers, R&D, and innovation acceleration optimization
  • Customer, sales, marketing, and back-office alignment
  • Carve-out financial statement development
  • Functional transition services agreement development and exit
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The future of the deal

Throughout the M&A life cycle, Deloitte’s Total M&A Solution provides cognitive enablers and accelerators to bring the power of automation, analytics, and machine learning to M&A transactions. The integrated set of innovative accelerators and enablers offers solutions that can be tailored to each client’s transaction journey—and helps map the path ahead. The end result is smarter insights, increased confidence about the future, and a better experience for every transaction team.

Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Faster integration speed
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Exceeded synergy targets
  • Established methodologies, tool kits, and templates by functional area
  • Streamlined cost structure

Even active serial acquirers may only do one or two M&A deals each year. Most businesses do far fewer. Deloitte does hundreds.

Meet our leader

Jeffery Weirens

Jeffery Weirens

Leader, Global Financial Advisory

Jeffery Weirens is the Leader of Deloitte’s Global Financial Advisory Business and serves on Deloitte’s Global Executive. For more than 30 years, he has advised clients on many of the world’s most ico... More