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Championing Women in M&A

Get to know Deloitte's Women in M&A program

Deloitte’s Women in M&A (WMA) group strives to create a sustainable and inclusive community of female leaders in M&A, while also celebrating and empowering female M&A industry leaders through networking and learning events. This effort is part of our overarching commitment to develop our people, create an inclusive environment, and drive greater collaboration.

“We have that opportunity to create our own career that fits with our life, our families, and our desires for our future.”—Nishita Henry, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“I’m surrounded by an amazing group of female leaders that inspire me to be my best every day.”—Christina Bieniek, Chief Commercial Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“Deloitte values me and the things that matter to me most; trust, openness, loyalty, confidence, the ability to speak your mind, and certainly gratitude.
—Amy Feirn, Deputy CEO, Deloitte Consulting LLP



Objectives of Deloitte’s Women in M&A

The Women in M&A community aims to…

Women in Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring Services at Deloitte

Our women come from diverse backgrounds. Some have been CEOs and business owners. Others, military veterans. They’re athletes, educators, volunteers, and scientists. At Deloitte, our women are leaders. Deloitte hosts a series of events each year for employees and experienced professionals helping women build their leadership toolkit and grow their network. Our Women in Mergers and Acquisitions (WMA) is one of Deloitte’s key groups that organizes these types of events. The group is focused on building community and developing future woman leaders.

Women in M&A spotlight: Shalini Rangan

Working at Deloitte allows me to help companies create value as they undergo M&A activity and seek to achieve an effective strategy for growth. Seeing an organization pursue change and seek transformation is exciting! To be part of this process, with an opportunity to make a real difference, has me ready to hit the ground running every morning. My focus is within the program management office for integrations and divestitures, where I can drive and collaborate with clients to assist them with their “Day One” readiness and post-merger activities.

It’s exciting working with insightful, thoughtful, and smart colleagues and leaders. At Deloitte, I get to use my strengths, and I’m part of a team where I present my own ideas to help generate impactful solutions.

My life outside of work is filled with spending time with my kids and supporting their activities, including cheering them on in swim meets. I have started to learn a dance form called Bharatanatyam, which has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I also spend my time volunteering at various organizations focusing on Asian Pacific professionals, Women’s Network, and promoting Girls in STEM.

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