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Every divestiture transaction is a unique journey. Our Divestiture Readiness SelfAssess™ tool is here to help you navigate yours. Without planning, the divestiture process can be chaotic and challenging. Learn how our solution can help identify the steps that can better prepare your company for a transaction.

What is Divestiture Readiness SelfAssess?

Valuable insights

Divestiture Readiness SelfAssess is a free and easy-to-use tool, which provides valuable insights into the readiness of your organization as it enters the sales process. Sufficient foresight and preparation can favorably influence the divestiture process for the seller, which is why many companies typically opt to start preparing for a transaction 6 to 12 months before the anticipated sale process begins. When it comes to your company’s divestiture, timing and planning are critical.

The tool can help your company identify and focus on five critical areas of divestiture readiness:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Tax
  • Carve-out transaction considerations
  • Working capital optimization
  • Value creation


Readiness results

Once you have completed the self-assessment, you will receive readiness results for each topic based on the responses you have provided, including points you can consider and/or suggested focus areas.

Leading practices

We provide further commentary and leading practice guidance, as well as drawing your attention to the specific areas where further work may be required.

Common pitfalls

We also include a section on some of the most common pitfalls an organization should consider when preparing for a divestiture.



Who is Divestiture Readiness SelfAssess for?

Divestiture Readiness SelfAssess is for companies that are interested in evaluating their transaction readiness in key areas of the organization. This applies to the full spectrum of businesses, from fast-growing start-ups to larger, more established companies. The output of Divestiture Readiness SelfAssess provides you with valuable insights into what steps may need to be taken in advance of a transaction.

Why should I use Divestiture Readiness SelfAssess?

Early preparation for your divestiture is a key step to achieving a successful outcome. This allows for timely execution, reduces the impact on day-to-day operations, and enables you to focus on achieving the value your business warrants. Divestiture Readiness SelfAssess provides you with insights into how ready you are to enter a transaction process. Therefore, performing this readiness self-assessment is a vital first step towards capturing maximum value in your divestiture.



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