The overwhelmed employee

Technology and too much access have turned us into “overwhelmed” employees. Nearly every company sees this as a challenge to individual productivity and overall performance, but struggles to handle it.


Simplification of work

The coming revolution

Organizations are simplifying work in response to employees becoming overwhelmed by increasing organizational complexity, growing information overload, and a stressful 24/7 work environment.

Technology, globalization, and compliance needs continuously add complexity to work. Left unaddressed, this can lead to an organizational environment that damages employee engagement, lowers quality, and reduces innovation and customer service. At the same time, technology and design thinking are converging in a way that can offer significant opportunities to get ahead of the curve. Business and HR leaders should put “simplification” on the agenda for 2015 and focus on individual, organizational, and work-specific programs that reduce complexity and help people focus on what really matters.

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