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A Challenging Future for Biopharma Innovation

Research & Development Rate of Return Study

A Deloitte study shows that the overall rate of return on R&D investment for the 12 largest biopharmaceutical firms has dropped significantly since 2010.

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The biopharmaceutical industry is in a precarious position regarding innovation: big bets in bold new areas are fraught with complexity and uncertainty, while success in mature therapeutic areas is becoming increasingly challenging. Sustaining innovation has consistently been difficult, but the resulting benefit to patients has generally provided innovators with an ROI sufficient enough to compensate for the risk. The balance of this equation is shifting and appears to be getting even tougher for innovators and investors.

A recent Deloitte study has shown that the overall rate of return on R&D investment for the 12 largest biopharmaceutical firms has dropped significantly since 2010, and the cost of developing a new medicine has risen substantially. Learn more about this shift and the challenges that lie ahead for biopharmaceutical innovation.

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