Transaction Due Diligence

Looking at a target company’s relevant sources of value and risk can increase your chances for a successful transaction. Thorough due diligence is critical, including assessing risk and compliance issues, conducting tax and financial planning, determining cash flows, and identifying hidden costs.


Selling your S corporation

This article describes the issues that S corporation owners should consider so they understand potential impacts on the economics of the transaction. 


Legal entity simplification: A better approach

This article talks through methods for approaching entity simplification challenges from a different angle. 


Merger & Acquisition Services

Deloitte’s Merger and Acquisition Services provide value across the entire deal lifecycle, from strategy to execution to integration or divestiture. 


Deloitte M&A Institute

The Deloitte M&A Institute can help M&A professionals enhance their capabilities and readiness by providing a collaborative environment where they can build connections, tap into world-class thought leadership, access relevant trainings, and register for in-person events.



Tax Advisory and Consulting Services

Our team advises and assists companies with their implementation of practical, business structures to better manage their tax obligations.


Operational Diligence

Deloitte's Operational Diligence team offers the experience, functional knowledge, global resources, and effective diligence practices to evaluate targets.


Commercial Diligence

Deloitte’s Commercial Diligence practice tests the information that informs a client’s M&A deal valuation and post-merger acquisition plan.

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