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Business Trends: Business and social impact

Growth will involve engaging with the social needs and complexities of emerging and frontier markets. These issues are no longer just the government’s responsibility, or purely philanthropic efforts.


Anti-Human Trafficking

A commitment to social impact and helping end modern slavery

Deloitte’s Global Security and Justice practice helps clients make globally informed and locally relevant choices about border management, law enforcement, aviation, and immigration. The overarching goal of our efforts is to help clients solve security-related challenges, which includes anti-human trafficking (AHT).

The challenge

Human trafficking is an increasingly lucrative enterprise, one that generates around $32 billion, according to UN estimates1, and it’s estimated that there are 21-30 million slaves globally.2

Why we’re committed

A strong relationship exists between the force for good through societal programs, such as ending human trafficking, and effective business strategies. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing for our business, our communities, and our people.

  • Our core values: Active citizenship is one of Deloitte’s core values. Citizenship drives measurable change in our communities, inspires our actions as societal change makers, and instills great pride in knowing that what we do best - applying our skills and experience - accelerates positive, societal impact.
  • Our clients: As more businesses are moving toward the sustainability model and consider the triple bottom line–people, planet and profit–Deloitte is one step ahead, offering clients insight and solutions to combat human trafficking within their operations. In addition, Deloitte works with governments to apply innovative solutions to AHT policy and legislation.
  • Our people: As a rising social impact issue, AHT is important to our practitioners who are concerned with working for companies that promote an ethos of “doing good is good business.”

Deloitte offers a unique combination of capabilities and experience from across functions and industries, including: due diligence; data analytics; training & awareness; strategy & innovation; supply chain; change management; information management; and process improvement.


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Featured thought leadership

Freedom Ecosystem–A new report on the Freedom Ecosystem by Deloitte Consulting LLP and Free the Slaves examines how a variety of stakeholders–including policy makers, service providers, labor organizers, and concerned consumers–can bring together different expertise to address challenges through collective action. This intersection becomes a focal point for innovation, analysis, and solutions, turning wicked problems into “wicked opportunities.”

Supply unchained: Fighting labor abuse in your supply chain–The persistence of labor abuse reflects the complexity of the problem and its resistance to many of the solutions currently in place. Leaders should avoid the search for silver bullets and instead focus on incremental steps that consistently improve the status quo.

The Solution Revolution–Explores how public and private are converging to form the Solution Economy, and includes a section on “Ending Human Trafficking: An Ecosystem that Saves Lives.” The book is designed to help guide those willing to invest time, knowledge or capital toward sustainable, social progress.​

Deloitte’s journey in helping end human trafficking

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