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Insights on responsible business

a new podcast series

Listen to business leaders discuss their challenges and experiences in becoming more responsible businesses, towards an outcome that is better for all stakeholders, better for long term shareholder value and better for society as a whole.

Building trust, security and resilience

Over complementary episodes the discussions about becoming responsible businesses will be led by our special host Sir Rob Wainwright, formerly Executive Director of Europol, and a senior partner of Deloitte with a career-long experience of navigating complex risk and security issues. 

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How a key cog in the European transportation sector stays true to its chartered course

Sir Rob Wainwright and Annika Hult, managing Director Stena Line BV

In this episode Sir Rob Wainwright talks with Annika Hult, responsible for Stena Line North Sea operations, about the impact of COVID-19 on one of the leading shipping companies in Europe. She offers an insight into the company’s ‘Little White Book’ of values that has guided Stena Line on a course towards responsible business and how that will aid its recovery from this crisis.  

Annika Hult is Managing Director of Stena Line BV and Trade Director of Stena Line North Sea. She is responsible for the company’s business on the North Sea, one of Stena Line’s largest regions with around 600,000 freight units and 800,000 passengers carried every year between the Netherlands and the UK. Annika is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Dutch Shipowners’ Association.


The key value centered around everything in our company is care. Care for customers. Care for resources. Care for each other.

                                                     — Annika Hult —


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Staying true to its chartered course

Fake news and the age of information quality

Sir Rob Wainwright and Frantisek Vrabel, CEO Semantic Visions

In this episode Sir Rob Wainwright talks to Frantisek Vrabel, founder and CEO of
Semantic Visions, about the increasing role of information in society and for business. They offer a word of hope on the availability of new solutions and the potential for technology and human collaboration, while surveying areas of concern, from disinformation to the rising prevalence of AI-powered deep fakes.

Frantisek Vrabel is CEO of Semantic Visions, a company that built a leading-edge technology at the intersection of Big Data, Semantic Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. He advises EU and NATO on effective measures to counter foreign state propaganda and disinformation. 


You need to combine big data analytics and human brain power to achieve the needed level of understanding.

                                                     — Frantisek Vrabel —


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Fake news and the age of information quality

How responsible businesses can help power the fight against modern slavery

Sir Rob Wainwright and Dr. Jean Baderschneider, CEO Global Fund to End Modern Slavery

Sir Rob Wainwright has an engaging conversation with Dr. Jean Baderschneider, CEO of The Global Fund to End Modern Slavery about the huge global industry behind modern slavery. Hear about the scale of the problem, how COVID-19 is making the challenge more difficult to manage, and the opportunity business has to make a telling impact in the fight.  

Dr. Jean Baderschneider has three decades of experience in the private sector. She retired from ExxonMobil, the oil & gas giant, in 2013 where she was Vice President of Global Procurement. She currently serves as a Chair of the Board of Directors and previously served as the Fund’s inaugural CEO. 


It is not just giving a speech, it is creating organizational culture that empowers an entire organization to be in this fight…

                                                   — Dr. Jean Baderschneider —


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Help power the fight against modern slavery

Unilever’s code of business principles: a strong framework for responsible business

Sir Rob Wainwright and Simone Pelkmans, General Counsel at Unilever Benelux

In this episode our host, Sir Rob Wainwright talks with Unilever’s General Counsel, Simone Pelkmans about the changing role of legal counsel in today’s business sector. How the coronavirus crisis is accelerating a switch from legal guardian to key business enabler in optimising supply chains, the use of consumer data and so much more. All within a strong culture and framework of responsible business.

Our special guest, Simone Pelkmans joined Unilever 20 years ago after having worked in private practice at one of the largest law firms in the Benelux. She is the General Counsel for the operating companies of Unilever in the Benelux since 2017, board member and member of the Benelux Covid Issue Management Team.


Our code of business principles, and the way we operate as a legal function give our businesses freedom within a framework…

                                                      — Simone Pelkmans —


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Unilever’s code of business principles

Why ethics matter for responsible business

Sir Rob Wainwright and Dr. Aimee van Wynsberghe, Associate Professor at TU Delft in ethics and technology 

In this episode our host, Sir Rob Wainwright has an engaging conversation with
Digital Ethics expert Aimee van Wynsberghe. They talk about the importance of ethics, putting it into the current context of the coronavirus and the need to add ethics into design processes of technology. Responsible businesses are acting to promote higher levels of trust and finding the right balance between innovation and protecting the interests of consumers. 


Ethics is a must have, not a nice to have...

                                            — Dr. Aimee van Wynsberghe —


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Why ethics matter for responsible business

How cyber security can contribute to the development of responsible business

Sir Rob Wainwright and Lies Alderlieste CISO, NS

In this episode we talk about the importance of cyber security for companies
everywhere as they shift to a more responsible business agenda. We dive deeper into how a strong cyber security framework and with the right culture can contribute to the development of responsible business. What are the major challenges faced and what are the best response measures to protect a company’s vital assets.

Our special guest is Lies Alderlieste, the Chief Information Security Officer of the Dutch Railways; an experienced digital risk professional formerly of the financial sector and now with a leading position in a critical part of the national infrastructure of the Netherlands.


It’s been a journey to figure out how cyber security risks fit onto steel.

                                                — Lies Alderlieste —


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How cyber security can contribute

Exploring the issue of fighting both cyber and biological viruses: what are the points of connection and similarities?

Sir Rob Wainwright and Lucien Engelen

In this episode we talk about how responsible businesses can think through rare or unusual incidents in the healthcare space by drawing analogies. Are there similarities in the challenges faced in healthcare on the one hand, and in cyber security on the other? Maybe the potential for further collaboration between these two sectors is greater than we think, as the world continues to grapple with the corona crisis.

Our special guest is Lucien Engelen. He brings years of insightful experience
in healthcare. He advised the Board of Directors at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, he’s lead some of Singularity University’s initiatives on
innovation in healthcare & medicine. And has published the book “Augmented
Health(care): the end of the Beginning”. 


Social distancing is similar to network isolation techniques in the cyber world.

                                                    — Lucien Engelen —


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Fighting both cyber and biological viruses

How a responsible business prepares for a crisis

Sir Rob Wainwright and Frédérique Demenint

In the first episode we will explore how best to prepare for a crisis, how to manage its effects and impact when it happens, and the impact that actions taken have on the long term reputation for companies as a responsible business.

Our special guest is Frédérique Demenint, an executive with 20 years of experience of guiding CEOs through periods and moments of great challenge. 


More than ever the ability to meet the standards of doing business responsibly is being tested.

                                                — Sir Rob Wainwright —


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How a responsible business prepares for a crisis

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