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The Unemployment Framework for Automated Claim & Tax Services (uFACTS), our proven Unemployment Insurance solution, is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) based framework built on 20 years of successful UI implementations.


uFACTS embodies industry-leading practices, reusable services, and application components for UI Tax and Benefits and Reemployment services to jump start your modernization efforts. uFACTS provides road-tested methodologies, tools, and documentation to facilitate the use of integrated UI services which reduce costs, improve operations, and increase customer service.

Our uFACTS framework provides the following features and functions:

Claims Services: Initial and Additional Claims Filing, Wage Determinations, Claim Maintenance, Special Claims and Payments, Customer Information Requests, Audit, Federal Reporting, Workforce Integration and Reemployment Services, Claims Summary   

Appeals: File and Schedule Appeal, Maintain Appeal, Process Appeal Decision

Benefit Payment Control: Payments, Overpayment and Repayment Management, Intercept Management, Payment Adjustments, Program Integrity

Adjudication: Non-Monetary Issue Creation, Fact Finding, Issue Management, Adjudicate/Determine Issues, Generate Determination Notic

Reporting Services: Fiscal Reporting, Management and Administrative Reports, Statistical Reports, Ad Hoc Reports, and Inquirie

Administrative Services: Industry-Approved Accounting Infrastructure, Template-Driven Correspondence, Business Rules Administration, Sub-Code System Management, Administrative Services Summary

Common Services: Interstate Connection Network (ICON), Security, Case Management (Workflow), Document Management, Communication Channel, Interfaces, Help Features, Common Services Summary

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