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​Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC ("DCF") provides strategic advisory services and M&A advice that help corporate, entrepreneurial, and private equity clients create and act upon opportunities for liquidity, growth, and long-term advantage. Explore M&A market updates, news, and insights.


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Technology spinoff 2015

Spin cycle: The rise of technology sector 'de-mergers'

The technology sector is continually being reshaped through merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. This article presents a brief history of technology sector divestiture activity; assesses the spin-off value proposition; analyzes the typical drivers of technology spins; presents examples of notable spin-offs; and explores how digital disruption is creating opportunities for companies to use both spin-offs and sales to create shareholder value.

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​Looking to sell your business? Think like a buyer.

In an October 2014 article for, contributors Kevan Flanigan, National Managing Director, Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC and Roger Nanney, Vice Chairman of Deloitte LLP, explored middle market M&A market indicators and five areas where buyers’ sights are typically focused.

All too often, companies that may be ripe for acquisition miss out because of a failure to align their expectations with those of potential buyers. This skewed perspective can lead to significant gaps in the company’s perceived value and ultimately scuttle a deal. Avoiding these disconnects is simple: Think like a buyer.

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Automotive update: Q2 2015

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Automotive update: Q2 2015

The automotive update summarizes the M&A environment in the sector, including recent transaction information on active buyers, current transaction valuation multiples, and an overview of the public market’s perception of the industry.

Highlights this quarter include:

  • Vehicle production continues to remain strong.
  • Global automotive M&A activity has improved.
  • Strong stock performance for automotive suppliers continues.

Harvesting your wealth

A guide to valuing your private company for a shareholder liquidity event

When it is time for a transition in your business, realizing an attractive investment return is an aspiration shared by most private business owners. A healthy return on investment is the payoff for years of hard work, sacrifice, and financial risk. However, assigning a value to your business may be challenging. The process involves a systematic evaluation of transaction alternatives based on an objective assessment of the value of capital deployed and invested over time, as well your “sweat equity” in the company’s success. Such an assessment should also consider your company’s achievements, its expectations, and the depth and breadth of potential capital market interest.

To assist you with this process, this article offers information and insights from investment bankers at Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC and Deloitte Tax LLP professionals, who assist entrepreneurs and business owners as they explore strategic liquidity alternatives.

​The US Loan Sale Market

Executing strategy, monetizing non-strategic and underperforming assets

While the overall health of the US financial sector has improved significantly since the depths of the combined global financial and economic crises, a number of legacy issues remain. For some institutions, strategy and execution have shifted from crisis to growth. For others, resolving legacy asset quality and underperformance are at the forefront.

This report takes a look at the US loan portfolio sale market and some insights that can be drawn from transactions that have occurred since 2009. We will then highlight a number of factors that may be important in shaping the loan sale market going forward.

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