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​Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC ("DCF") provides strategic advisory services and M&A advice that help corporate, entrepreneurial, and private equity clients create and act upon opportunities for liquidity, growth, and long-term advantage. Explore M&A market updates, news, and insights.


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Divestiture M&A news 2015 Q4 recap

Global divestiture market strength continued in 2015

For some companies, divestitures and carve-outs are part of an important strategy to refocus their businesses and improve overall performance. Divestiture M&A News provides Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC insights and market data analysis that shed light on US and global divestiture trends.

Corporate development strategy

Thriving in your business ecosystem

In corporate development, traditional dealmaking approaches may no longer be enough to create the desired value and manage potential activism. Companies today need agility, fresh thinking, and a high tolerance for disruption to seize market opportunities in areas where new business models are still being defined.

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Technology spinoff 2015

Spin cycle: The rise of technology sector 'de-mergers'

The technology sector is continually being reshaped through merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. This article presents a brief history of technology sector divestiture activity; assesses the spin-off value proposition; analyzes the typical drivers of technology spins; presents examples of notable spin-offs; and explores how digital disruption is creating opportunities for companies to use both spin-offs and sales to create shareholder value.

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