Cyber Incident Response

Deloitte’s Digital Forensic and Incident Response (DFIR) services can help organisations prepare, respond, rebound and investigate with speed and resilience.

Our specialist teams can rapidly deploy into the organisation’s environment, use proven methodologies and state-of-the-art technology to identify what happened, how it occurred and what’s at risk, whilst ensuring the integrity of digital evidence. We can also support in reporting to internal stakeholders, regulators or law enforcement agencies, as well as prepare reports and evidence for use in litigation or criminal proceedings.

Speed of response is critical in a cyber incident. With that in mind, we have introduced DFIR Retainer Services that offer our clients the confidence of knowing their organisation has a team of cyber crisis specialists on speed dial, ready to take swift action. As a retainer client, they’ll have the breadth and experience of our global cyber defense network supporting the organisation at every stage of the incident response life cycle.

Digital Investigations

Our experienced Digital Forensic professionals can help clients find, investigate, remediate and report on digital evidence in a wide variety of cases including:

  • - intellectual property theft;
  • - confidential information leaks;
  • - data tampering or destruction;
  • - software or data misuse;
  • - fraud;
  • - misconduct;
  • - collusion; and
  • - employee technical exit reviews. 

We can assist our clients in forensically collecting and analysing data from various digital sources, including computer, mobile, cloud and server data, to find critical information in an investigation or to reconstruct past events; whilst handling the evidence in line with industry best practices in our purpose built secure Digital Forensic lab.

Our in-house solution to Digital Investigations, Deloitte Forensic Intelligence (DFI), combines analytics with traditional forensics to produce a scalable and efficient environment. By aggregating metadata and forensic artefacts from data sources inside our analytics database, we can rapidly identify patterns of activity across devices and tell the full story based on the data.

Adaptive Reconnaissance

A well-configured and supervised continuous endpoint monitoring solution can be extremely effective in protecting organisations from internal threats or the exploitation of internal resources. These tools can help proactively identify compliance issues and suspicious activity in real-time to better protect their clients’ data, intellectual property, reduce data exfiltration and policy violation risks.

Our unique, proprietary solution, Digital Forensics Insider Threat (DFIT), combines a powerful technology with our well-rounded expertise to help our clients proactively monitor for issues and prevent them from turning into crises while balancing their organisation and employees’ critical interests around data privacy. Our bespoke solution gives organisations the flexibility and adaptability to meet industry regulations and responsibilities through our advisory on:

  • - identifying digital evidence to detect misconduct or misuse of systems;
  • - adapting rules to monitor systems and user activity for the issues that the client is obliged to monitor;
  • - dealing with real-time alerts on potentially prohibited activities; and
  • - automating investigative workflows saving the organisation vital time and costs.

As situations arise or are detected, relevant data can be covertly and remotely collected and analysed before it is destroyed. This helps in reducing cost, impacting business activities and impacting employees’ productivity.

Cyber and Digital Investigation Readiness

With the evolution of cyber and digital fraud threats, organisations must have an executive-led cyber and digital investigation readiness program in place, which continuously adapts to shifting business strategies. Our professionals draw on our global experience to help clients proactively setup strategic, technical and procedural controls that are essential in cyber and digital investigation, putting threats at a disadvantage and preparing them to face incidents.

We can also assist in developing the organisation’s inhouse digital forensic capabilities covering policies and procedures, tool selection, lab setup and trainings.

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