Deloitte’s Annual Global Competitiveness Overview

New competitiveness trends and sustainable reforms 

Deloitte has launched its first annual global competitiveness overview. The 2023 Annual Global Competitiveness Overview highlights the rankings of global and regional countries across competitive-related reports covering the key themes of competitiveness and the new trends related to business environment reforms.

The report provides an overview of global and regional countries’ performance across more than 60 competitiveness reports covering 9 themes considered today as elementary components of competitiveness, and deep dives into specific reforms by the top performers and reformers, while offering Deloitte’s experience-driven insights on developing competitiveness reforms for the decision makers in the region.  Sustainability, inclusion, and resilience are at the core of this year's publication, with many countries adopting reforms that expand the traditional competitiveness foci towards a new era of competitiveness.

Deloitte’s Annual Global Competitiveness Overview
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