Changes to the Dhareeba portal process of contract reporting submission

On 3 August 2023, Qatar's General Tax Authority (GTA) made changes to the Dhareeba portal regarding the contract reporting submission process with an immediate effect. These changes aim to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the contract reporting process through collecting relevant information to enable the GTA to assess taxpayers’ information accurately.

The key modifications to the new contract reporting requirements are the following:

  1. Data Upload Option: The Dhareeba portal now offers the option to upload contract reporting details from an Excel format specifically designed for this purpose. Taxpayers can conveniently upload multiple contract information all at once using this feature.
  2. Download Option: The portal now allows taxpayers to download a summary of the contract reporting data before submitting it. This feature helps taxpayers maintain internal records of reported contracts for future validation.
  3. Supplementary Information Required: The Dhareeba portal now requires taxpayers to provide details of the "linked contract" (any contract that forms part of the master contract) instead of just the linked contract reference. Additionally, the portal allows reporting a Purchase Order (PO) in cases where a contract is not available.
  4. Obsolete Old Format: Due to the modifications made to the Dhareeba portal, contract reporting information saved in draft format using the old template is no longer accessible.

Implications for taxpayers:

To ensure compliance with the new requirements, taxpayers will need to make the necessary adjustments to their reporting procedures. This initiative is part of the GTA's ongoing efforts to encourage taxpayers to fully comply with their contract reporting obligations.

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