Doing business guide in Kuwait


Doing business guide in Kuwait

Understanding Kuwait’s tax position  

The guide addresses the key tax considerations for doing business in Kuwait, alongside key legal, economic and market drivers which impact clients who are looking to invest in the country, or those who have been present there for some time, but are looking to undertake a review of their tax exposures, which may include remedial or long term solutions.

In this light, and in broad terms, the report covers:

  • Kuwait fact sheet;
  • Business environment;
  • Audit, accounting and filing requirements;
  • Laws of labor and employment;
  • Foreign Direct Investment;
  • Public Private Partnerships;
  • Capital markets;
  • Kuwait tax law (including tax administration and retention rules, taxability of joint ventures, tax treaties and taxes on Kuwaiti companies);
  • Amendments to existing executive rules;
  • Divided Neutral Zone (DNZ);
  • Offset program;
  • Potential expansion in Kuwait tax regime.


Kuwait tax practice

Deloitte Kuwait has long recognized that the complexity of modern taxation matters makes it a subject in itself. All tax affairs of Deloitte clients in Kuwait are therefore handled by a partner, principal and supported by a team of dedicated tax staff, available to serve clients locally and across borders.

Your Deloitte Kuwait tax services team:

Ihab Abbas
Partner, Tax
+965 66668205

Bassem Abul Khair
Director, Tax
+956 97276952

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