Выявление рисков


Выявление рисков

Benefits of working with the Deloitte team

1.    One-stop-shop principle for clients. Our team will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the work of construction contractors. 

2.    Continuous monitoring. We monitor work progress at a construction site on a 24/7 basis and provide the client with regular status updates. Our specialists can develop reporting templates and, where appropriate, provide reports reflecting the main project KPIs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

3.    Engineering approach. The core of our team consists of industrial and civil engineers with extensive experience working on large construction projects. We develop a single 3D model on the basis of available drafts and verify all approved design solutions for their appropriateness and completeness, as well as check for any deficiencies.  In the event of unforeseen circumstances, within a matter of hours our team can develop options for adjusting the project design, as well as agree contractors’ work performance capabilities, and send new data to the design bureau for further elaboration. 

4.    Critical approach to costs. In addition to project management, the Deloitte Construction group participates in Forensic projects. This experience allows our specialists to critically evaluate future project costs. We identify inefficient spending and offer clients ways for optimizing capital budgeting even before the approval of working documentation, which prevents additional costs. In addition, we can vet contractors for their affiliations and identify any risks that may interfere with the quality of construction work.

5.    Flexible team. The Deloitte team for any project is composed and changed depending on the relevant project stage and its level of intensity.

6.    Comprehensiveness. Aside from technical specialists, if necessary Deloitte can assign experienced specialists from such practice areas as Audit, Tax and Legal, Consulting, Financial Consulting, and Risk Management to a project.

7.    Contractual and claim work with contractors. Our team has extensive experience in this area, which helps to maintain performance discipline among contractors.  Together with our Legal department, the Deloitte project team identifies the relevant areas of responsibility among project participants and acts as an independent party in resolving any disputes over the scope and quality of construction work. In the event of unfulfilled obligations under the contract, our team helps the client determine the subject matter and basis for filing a claim.

8.    Independence. Our team is independent, thus allowing us to avoid affiliations that could cause a conflict of interest.

9.    Our global reach. We can draw upon the extensive knowledge, practical insights, and deep intellectual capital of the 150,000 professionals within the Deloitte global network of member firms and affiliates. This in turn enables us to offer a broad range of integrated services in diverse professional disciplines that touch upon nearly every aspect of the capital construction process.

Our team consists of highly qualified engineers who have extensive experience managing construction projects in the mining industry, as well as projects for the construction of manufacturing facilities, power plants, roads, shopping centers, warehouses, data centers, and other industrial and commercial structures.