Credit risk management


Credit risk management

Deloitte provides top-level consulting services in credit risk management, focusing on quantitative risk assessment and monitoring.

Our services:


Deloitte's consultants develop a wide range of models for financial institutions and companies in the non-financial sector, allowing them to assess and monitor credit risk. Models rely on both the client's data and Deloitte’s databases. 

Cloud-based solutions for risk management

Deloitte’s RS Platform provides cloud-based risk management services, including the following products: 

  • The RS Tool: an effective means of assessing the probability of default (PD) over various time horizons. Both Point-in-Time (PIT) and Through-the-Cycle (TTC) PD are assessed. During PD assessment, the company's IFRS and/or RAS financial indicators are considered, also various qualitative characteristics, such as assessments of parent entities, the market and the competitive environment, macroeconomic parameters, and support from the parent company and government. Results can help clients make more informed decisions when they extend loans, assess their reserves, develop limit policies, implement KPIs for subsidiaries, and monitor their portfolio quality.


  • Check Point is a cloud service that allows clients to conduct a complete assessment of their model's performance and receive a full report on quantitative metrics characterizing the model’s predictive power, concentration and calibration. Analysis results are useful for monitoring the model’s performance and detecting bottlenecks. They can be used to compare the quality of  different  models. Check Point allows clients to gauge the performance of models for corporate and retail segments throughout the validation process. 

Stress testing

Deloitte's consultants will help you to  evaluate the impact of changes in risk factors on financial statements, develop stress test scenarios, and assess the probability of such scenarios arising. 

Analytics and Research

Deloitte's experts can perform all types of analysis in the field of credit risk management.  We employ a wide range of methods for risk analysis, starting from basic econometric methods to state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. 


Deloitte's consultants train clients to develop models for assessing credit risk components. The goal of the course is to provide a key set of analytical and practical tools so they can independently develop models in Python and R.