Russian Pharmaceutical Market Trends in 2018


Digital strategy: building digital bridges to end consumers

Russian Pharmaceutical Market Trends in 2018

Deloitte CIS Research Centre

The Russian pharmaceutical market continues to see growth, including an increase in sales seen in ruble terms. However, this takes place amid a reduced growth in sales and production, forcing market players to look for new growth opportunities. Digitalization is already here as it changes the face of the healthcare industry, bringing significant potential to the table. Telehealth, online drug stores, electronic documents (patient records, prescriptions and sick leave certificates) and track & trace technology offer opportunities to build an infrastructure to enable market players, authorities and end consumers to communicate in a new way. 

As this trend unfolds, businesses become more focused on strategies for digitalization and advanced technology, discussed in detail in our latest study.

Key topics:

  • Analysis of the key statistics of the pharmaceutical market and the pharma industry in Russia
  • Russian pharma industry: recent developments and future prospects 
  • Pharmaceutical companies in Russia: recent developments and future prospects
  • Pharmaceutical companies in Russia: development strategies
  • Cost optimization approaches
  • Top issues facing pharmaceutical companies in Russia
  • Expert opinion: priority regulatory areas in need of further improvement
  • Regulatory measures aimed at reducing the share of pharmaceutical imports
  • Digital strategies for the pharmaceutical industries


Our recent survey includes the views of respondents from 52 Russian and foreign generic and original drug manufacturers in Russia and abroad, including pharma distributors.

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