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Grigoriy Dubrovskiy

Sharing opinions and experience, collective decision-making, complex engagements – all of these make my work exciting and dynamic

Grigoriy Dubrovskiy, Manager, Audit Department

I was brought to Deloitte at the end of my third year of university by my desire to work and develop in a large western organization which focuses on the professional development of its people in an open corporate cultural environment. I started at Deloitte as an intern during the summer student internship in 2006. The possibility to work in different industry groups of the audit department during the summer internship broadened my perspective and helped me to select the Technology, Media and Telecommunications group.

In 2009, I received a diploma with honours in Economics and Company Management from Baumann Moscow State Technical University. In 2011, I successfully passed my CPA exams.

I am now a senior in the Audit department of the Moscow offi ce of Deloitte, and I am part of the team auditing the largest telecom operator in Russia and the CIS. My key role is to work on the planning and control processes during audit engagements, manage and coordinate the work of consultants, facilitate training sessions and technical consultations.

Open communication with colleagues, exchanging ideas and experience, collective decision-making, complex projects, high quality standards and provision of professional services to market leaders all of these make my work interesting and dynamic.

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