2017 Q1 Global CFO Signals

Across the globe, the yeas have it. Argentina: Slightly clouded optimism

Last quarter’s Global CFO Signals found that finance leaders in the nine countries reporting were optimistic across several measures, despite political and economic uncertainty. This quarter, with results in from 21 surveys, the happy chorus has only gotten louder: net optimism increased in 17 surveys, sometimes reaching new highs.

The evidence is apparent in many regions. CFOs are also optimistic about their own companies’ performance and investment. But amid all the positive signals, there is still plenty of noise. As Ira Kalish, Chief Global Economist, Deloitte, puts it: “There is a cacophony of concerns CFOs have to deal with, and while optimism is high at the moment, longer-term success will hinge on how events unfold and how policymakers approach those events.”

How does CFO sentiment break down? Download the 2017 Q1 Global CFO Signals report to learn more.

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