Client financial reporting updates


Client financial reporting updates

Sharing tips, insights and tools for effective financial reporting

Our popular Client financial reporting update (CFRU) series is generally produced in the lead up to each June and December reporting season and provides a short and easy to digest discussion of the key challenges for the upcoming season.

Each financial reporting season presents changes in regulatory requirements and expectations, new and revised Accounting Standards, global economic and other developments, or common reporting themes.

Delivered by our Accounting Technical team and other experts, our CFRUs are a great way to gain insights from their knowledge and experience and check your preparedness for the financial reporting season ahead.

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Recent updates

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Simplified Disclosures framework webcast

Understanding the removal of the reporting entity concept and the new Tier 2 'Simplified Disclosures' framework

November 2021 Client financial reporting update

Effective communication through financial reporting

May 2021 Client financial reporting update

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November 2020 Client financial reporting update

Our perspectives

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