Our Insider Program involves a series of workshops for students wanting to learn more about a career with the world’s leading professional services firm. 

Gain an exclusive insider’s look into the type of work we do, connect with our industry experts, and increase your chances of landing a paid internship with us! 

The Insider Program is offered nationally and will run in a hybrid format, where you will have the opportunity to attend various virtual sessions and an in-person networking event (dependent upon COVID restrictions) in your local office. 

As an Insider, you’ll get to: 

  • Meet our teams

No idea what you want to do once you finish Uni? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why we want to give you the chance to hear from our teams. Best of all, you decide which team interests you.

  • Get insider tips directly from Deloitte professionals

Commercial awareness, networking, presentation skills, and CV and interviewing tips. Benefit from all the valuable skills and insights you'll need to help you navigate your early career.

  • Get a step ahead

By being a part of our Insider Program, you’ll have the opportunity to stand out from the crowds in front of our recruitment team, before anyone else does! If you impress us and we impress you, we’ll fast-track you towards an assessment centre for a paid Internship.

Program eligibility

To be eligible for our Insider Program, you’ll need to be finishing your studies in 2023.

Please note that our Insider Program is only open to Australian, New Zealand citizens and Permanent Residents*. If you're an international student, please refer to our supporting information on our 'International Students' page.

*All Australian offices except Canberra, where Australian citizenship is required.


Discover Deloitte

Learn more about the specific Deloitte teams we hire in to, and the work you can expect in a role with us here, by downloading a copy of our Student Pathways Handbook.

Our Audit & Assurance teams provide accounting and audit services tailored to the circumstances and complexities of our clients. We design and execute audit procedures based on our understanding of our client’s business, the risks they face, and their internal control processes.


Our specialist accounting skills empower clients with a crystal-clear understanding of their financial position. We don't just understand our clients’ businesses, we excavate major opportunities and identify risks beyond traditional financial reporting functions. Our team of auditors and accountants is growing more than ever as the world recognises our talent.

Degrees: Accounting.


We uncover major opportunities and identify risks beyond traditional financial reporting.

Degrees: Accounting, Actuarial, Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, Finance, Financial Engineering, IT, Law, Psychology, STEM.

Analytic Solutions (Data)

Our Analytic Solutions team uses a combination of data insights, modelling, digital technologies and automation to transform and reimagine audit processes. We're absolute data nerds and love working with numbers and large data sets (the more unstructured, the better!).

Degrees:  Computer Science, Data Analytics, Data Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Statistics.

Technology Audit

IT systems and networks are integral to a business’ success. In today’s corporate landscape, IT ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex. With greater complexity, comes greater risk. That’s why our team exists. Working with our Finance Audit team, we give our clients complete visibility of their IT systems and help them identify business and financial risks.

Degrees: Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science.

We’re not your traditional Consulting practice. Far from it. Our team of forward-thinking and collaborative consultants offer clients thoughtful solutions that sustain profitable growth and stability. We work on some pretty cool projects – from Experience Design, Fintech, Strategy to Tech Transformation.

Analytics & Cognitive (Data & AI)

Harnessing the power of analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI), we help clients uncover hidden relationships from vast amounts of data. Our team of experts are constantly curious and excited about combining our wonderful array of tech expertise to transform data into our clients’ most valuable assets, helping them work smarter. Our team is supported with resources, training and tools they need to excel at their work, along with the freedom and power to create their own paths forward to make a difference.

Degrees: Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics.

Business Engineering

Are you looking for a place where your work will help accelerate transformation for your clients by combining deep industry and domain expertise with a dedicated sector focus to deliver clients’ outcomes in new and innovative ways? Do you want to be in the intersection between business and technology? Look no further!


Degrees: Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Software Engineering, Statistics.

Cloud & Infrastructure Technology (Cloud Engineering)

Sitting within the Core Business Operations (CBO) team, our team of Cloud experts help clients design and build technology solutions across the entire technology stack, from cloud applications to networks and infrastructure! We have a knack for translating business requirements into future-proof tech solutions that transform the user experience completely. 

Degrees: Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering.

Deloitte Actuarial (Actuaries & Consultants + Business Algorithms)

We are a team of talented actuaries and data scientists who love to use our unique blend of technical and commercial expertise. Coupling the power of data with our human-centred approach, we solve client problems with a deep appreciation of behavioural science. We provide clients with end-to-end quantitative solutions, from strategic advice, data management and modelling, to the final execution of the solution.

Degrees: Actuarial Studies, Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science.

Deloitte Digital

A digital, customer and marketing consultancy, we believe that the intersection of creativity, technology and business will deliver the most powerful progress. Our difference comes from our depth and diversity. We have the business acumen of a strategic advisor; the design capability of a creative agency and the engineering depth of a technology firm.

Degrees:  Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Data Science, Design, Economics, Engineering, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Information Systems, Information Technology, Journalism, Law, Marketing, Media, Multimedia Design, Software Engineering, Visual Communications.

Emerging ERP

We are a close-nit team that forms part of the larger Finance & Performance family. We help clients design, configure and deploy contemporary cloud technologies to supercharge business operations, gain data-driven insights into their customers, and unlock their growth potential.

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering.

Enterprise Technology (Oracle + SAP)

Our brilliant Consultants get a little uneasy with average and find fulfilment from watching our work succeed in challenging projects. Join us as we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics, Cognitive Learning, Advanced Analytics and deliver solutions through strategic partnerships with SAP & Oracle.

Degrees: Actuarial Studies, Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Science, Software Engineering.

Finance & Performance

Industries are being disrupted at lightning speed and we’re responsible for helping CFOs stay ahead of the curve (and get that extra sleep at night!). Our small but high-performing and collaborative team offers CFOs advice to predict, forecast and leverage emerging technologies. We enable and optimise our clients’ finance strategies, ensuring that they are aligned with the organisation’s long-term goals.

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Data Analytics, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering.

Human Capital

Our mission? To enhance a company’s value through its people. We combine business strategy with people strategy to achieve success for our clients; we don’t just understand our clients, we become one with them. By embedding ourselves in their teams, we focus on fostering diversity and inclusion in workplaces. We empower and upskill talent to radically transform traditional HR functions!

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Data Analytics, Human Resources, Law, Psychology, Science, STEM.

HR Technology & Transformation

Sitting within Human Capital Consulting, our forward-thinking team specialises in all things tech. We revamp the way our client companies work and craft beautifully-designed, fully-integrated systems with solutions like SAP, Oracle, and Workday. In our solution-focused team, we don't settle for average as learning and collaboration sees no end.

Degrees: Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Software Engineering.

Platform Engineering

Our team is dedicated to building platforms so that our clients can disrupt industries, before industries disrupt them. Our platforms are built on a combination of open source technologies, cloud platforms, cutting-edge engineering and development practices as well as partnering with the likes of AWS, Google Cloud, Red Hat, MuleSoft, Alfresco and Elastic.

Degrees: Information Systems/Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Engineering.

Strategy (Monitor Deloitte)

Welcome to Monitor Deloitte. We know where to play, how to win and how to craft future-proof business models. Working alongside Partners and senior members of the firm, we build tailored business strategies that align with our clients’ businesses, allowing them to seize growth opportunities and improvements.

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Psychology, Science, Law, Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Deloitte Supply Chain and Procurement are a team of transformation experts with deep industry insight. The work we do is varied and no two days are the same. A client might ask for advice on how we can build resilience in their supply chain, how to build manufacturing capability, or help them refocus on their people and capabilities for the future in digitally-enabled teams.

Degrees: Business/Commerce, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Law, Logistics, Mathematics, Procurement, Science, Software Engineering, Statistics, Supply Chain.

Technology, Strategy & Transformation

As a team of future-focused Architects and Strategists, we help organisations develop strategies and implement systems that build business value and drive performance. From system replacement to IT transformation and implementing more efficient development processes, our professionals work across the full IT lifecycle, bringing deep knowledge and experience to our clients' most complex challenges.

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Software Engineering, Statistics.

Transformation & Operations

We work on engagements that help the C-suite translate corporate strategy into operational excellence. Delivering innovative thinking and business-changing recommendations, we deliver leading edge solutions to support some of the most complex transformations.

Degrees: Engineering, Commerce, Law, Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering, Marketing, Psychology.

Our Financial Advisory team works with corporates, financiers and investors. Through constant collaboration, our experts turn clients’ frustrations into assurance. We deliver creative solutions to help reach their strategic goals, navigating market conditions and complex situations that arise.

Economics, Property, Infrastructure & Energy (EPIE)

We’re a diverse team of talented, unique, supportive and high-performing experts. Working across a range of clients, industries and projects. Helping to deliver unique insights to help public and private sector organisations plan for the future. We have five specialist teams you could join:

  • Deloitte Access Economics*
  • Infrastructure & Capital Projects
  • Health & Human Services
  • Energy & Climate Advisory
  • Real Estate

Degrees: Arts, Accounting, Business, Commerce, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Construction, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Health-related degrees, Law, Mathematics, Property, Real Estate, Statistics.

*Preferably Honours or post-graduate degrees.

Discovery & Data Management (Forensic Technology)

We help clients navigate tech risks through internal investigations and forensically analysing electronic evidence collected from phones, computers, networks, storage devices and backup systems. We work on projects that involve everything from theft of intellectual property, misuse of computer systems through to detecting fraudulent activity, intentional deletion of data and tracing data breaches.

Degrees: Computer Science, Criminology, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, Law, Psychology, Software Engineering.


With clear and focused attention, our Forensic team help clients respond to and pre-empt threats like fraud, corruption and money laundering. As a part of the Financial Advisory family, our 100+ team is comprised of practitioners from all sorts of fields ranging from law enforcement and accounting through to business intelligence, and financial crime.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law.

Forensic Analytics

We support and advise clients on a wide range of financial crime and regulatory issues that include money laundering, financial crime and fraud. Our team of data experts are inquisitors who look for needles in the haystacks of data and information that can signal trouble in the making.

Degrees: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Actuarial Studies, Science, Information Technology, Computer Science.

Restructuring Services*

We flourish in the unexpected, specialising in offering restructuring advice to companies facing corporate distress or disruption. Never settling for “good enough”, we craft creative, tailored solutions for underperforming businesses. We’re responsible for conducting lending reviews, formal insolvency, debt and capital restructures, as well as turnaround services to a variety of businesses.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Finance.

*By joining Restructuring Services, you will have opportunities to develop your skills through professional study, such as support with completing your Chartered Accountants (CA) Program.

Mergers & Acquisitions*

We know that Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are a huge deal for businesses, so we make sure it succeeds from start to finish. Through constant collaboration and professional development, we turn clients’ frustration into assurance with our sophisticated and tailored M&A advice. We have four incredible teams you could join:

•   Advisory

•   Valuations

•   Transaction Services

•   Deloitte Business Modelling

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Finance, Economics, Law.

*By joining M&A, you will have opportunities to develop your skills through professional study, such as support with completing your Chartered Accountants (CA) Program.

Our diverse team of experts are committed to supporting the needs of Deloitte from behind-the scenes. We are a multi-disciplinary team of creatives, strategists, technologists and specialists that solve problems from IT, to Marketing, to Finance.

Client & Workplace Experience

As the Client & Workplace Experience team, we manage the firm’s guest facilities and internal workplace. We’re dynamic and data driven, with a love of discovering hidden trends and insights. We deliver services to our clients and over 8,000+ people daily across all our Deloitte Australia offices, so you’ll get a glimpse into the interesting and diverse teams we support every day.

Degrees: Data Analytics, Commerce, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics.

Enterprise Application Services

If you’re a lover of all things tech, Deloitte is the perfect place to build a solid foundation of technical know-how and get to work with emerging technologies. You’ll gain exposure to platforms and languages (like SharePoint, .NET, SAP, SQL plus more) with the backing of a top-tier global firm.

Degrees: Computer Science, Software Engineering.

Information Management Office

Sitting within the ITS department of Deloitte, our team manages the firm’s taxonomy, external research databases and information management capabilities to ensure our 10,000+ people at Deloitte Australia can access, research and find the information they need for their unique projects and engagements.

Degrees: Information Technology, Computer Science, Arts.

IT Infrastructure

The Infrastructure Services team are responsible for designing, configuring, managing and enhancing infrastructure services for the Australian firm. These infrastructure services cover server hardware and software, network connectivity, desktop/laptop, mobility and communication services.

Degrees: Information Systems, Computer Science.

Marketing, Communications & Business Development (MCBD)

Welcome to MCBD, a.k.a. Deloitte’s creative heartbeat. Meet 150+ like-minded experts committed to thinking outside of the box. We bring to life ideas and strategies that build Deloitte’s brand eminence and help us stand out from the crowd. Our unparalleled marketing, design and social expertise allows us to make a difference across everything we do.

Degrees: Marketing, Visual Communications, Multimedia.

Firm Tax, part of National Partner Services

We’re the team that Senior Partners of Deloitte turn to when they need help with personal tax, corporate compliance and all things related to payroll, insurance, admissions and retirements. If you want to build your tax and accounting expertise and love the idea of being the Advisor to our Senior Exec team, there's a place for you here.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce.

Office of the General Counsel

Deloitte Office of the General Counsel is Deloitte’s in-house legal team. We provide legal advice that will support your innovative and ground-breaking work. At the same time, we will help you create a secure platform for the firm's services – one that considers the law, balances risk and provides commercial outcomes.

Degrees: Law.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for the planning, Delivery and governance of the ITS project portfolio. We provide project management, business analysis, change management, program architecture and strategy services to the firm’s operational, maintenance and investment initiatives. ITS teams work on projects as approved and prioritised by the Investment and growth forum.

Degrees: Information Technology.

Strategy Transformation Office

As the internal strategy arm of Deloitte, our team manages and executes the overall strategy of Deloitte Australia, with teams ranging from Corporate Development, Innovation, Asset Enablement and Ventures.

Degrees: Computer Science, Information Technology, Finance, Actuarial Studies, Commerce.

In today’s fast-changing environment, threats such as corruption, cyber-attacks and money laundering are real and evolving, carrying with them significant reputational, financial and criminal risks. That’s why we don’t just identify risks, we get down to the root of the problem. Always one step ahead, we predict risks and safeguard our clients through end-to-end solutions.

Cyber Risk

Cyberspace is constantly evolving and so are the threats it brings. That’s why our work is more meaningful (and exciting) than ever. Always one step ahead, we predict risks and safeguard our clients through end-to-end solutions.

Degrees: Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Cyber Security.

Digital & Technology Risk

While technology revolutionises the business sphere, it also brings deeply complex technological risks. It is the age of digitalisation that makes our jobs more crucial and exciting than ever. Our team enables clients to navigate such risks through transformed IT controls that are relevant, effective and risk aligned.

Degrees: Information Technology, Information Systems, Business, Commerce.

Financial Risk

Our clients want to understand and model uncertainty. They want to learn from data, and they want to optimise and automate business decisions. Our job is to help them connect data with decisions.

Degrees: Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Engineering, Science, Security, Mathematics, Statistics.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Our team helps our clients protect their people at work by designing sustainable improvements in safety performance. We ensure that companies are meeting their work, health and safety obligations while putting adequate processes, policies and systems in place to foster a positive safety culture. If you’re interested in Health, Safety & Wellbeing and want to have the ability to make a meaningful impact on our clients, this is the team for you. 

Degrees: Human Resources, Commerce, Health Studies, Science.

Internal Audit, Risk & Controls

Every day, we help clients navigate uncertainty, enabling them to embrace the inherent risks that come with opportunity. With a deep expertise across business processes and tech risk, we’re the only one of the Big 4 who advises across so many aspects of risk.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Information Technology, Information Systems, Arts.

Privacy Risk

Deloitte’s Privacy Risk team deep dive into the digital economy, looking at how personal data is being collected, used and disclosed by third parties. We work with our clients to transform their privacy capability beyond compliance towards a consumer-centric approach. 

Degrees: Law, Security Studies, Cyber Security, Commerce, Arts.

Risk Culture

We assist our clients with making risk-informed strategic choices and responding to disruptions to grow their business and protect their reputation. 

Degrees: Philosophy, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology

Risk Data & Analytics

Our Regulatory and Compliance team are known internally as Risk Data & Analytics. Covering five key analytical areas: Finance, Workforce, Supply Chain, Operations and Risk. We love analysing data and uncovering meaningful insights to support our clients using software like Excel, SQL, SAS, SPSS and R. 

Degrees: Data Science, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Statistics.

Software Licensing Consulting

In Extended Enterprise, our Tech experts work hand-in-hand with software vendors to help them manage their software license usage. Working with a variety of clients from small-to-medium businesses right through to ASX-50 companies, we help software vendors recover licensing revenue that may be lost due to the complexity of their customer usage.

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Information Systems, Information Technology.

Sustainability & Climate Change

We’re a fast-growing team of trusted advisors who help clients take control of their reputation and become more resilient to risk. As a multi-disciplinary team of experts, we guide our clients in navigating their challenges in corporate social responsibility.

Degrees: Business, Commerce, Environmental Studies, Science, Engineering.

With the diversity of roles in our teams, we can take you places. In Tax and Legal, you'll be part of a team that gives top-quality, practical taxation advice that’s tailored to our client’s unique circumstances.

You'll benefit from the opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s top business experts and work with a variety of top-tier clients, ranging from multinational corporations to high net-worth individuals.

Business Tax Advisory

With deep expertise in tax, our team gives top-quality, practical advice that’s tailored to our client’s unique circumstances. 

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law.

Deloitte Legal

You’ll get to learn and experience first-hand how we provide clients with trusted advice for their business operations across tax litigation, taxation audit and tax controversy matters. We pride ourselves on delivering a highly technical product in a commercially minded way.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law.

Global Employer Services

We help global employers navigate the tax, technology, immigration and mobility aspects through a global network of experts. We help them transform global programs in a cost-efficient manner and use data analytics, digital insights and other technologies to offer our clients tailored solutions.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law.

Indirect Tax

We're specialists in a broad range of increasingly important indirect taxes including GST, State Taxes, Global Trade and Advisory, Fuel Tax and Luxury Car Tax. We’re at the forefront of indirect tax policy and framing national conversations, as well as regularly and successfully leading litigation.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law

Private Advisory 

We provide advice to some of Australia’s most successful privately-owned companies, high net worth individuals and not-for-profits. You’ll get to see the full gamut ranging from preparing financial statements and tax returns, compliance, and advisory.  

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law.

Research & Development (Gi3)

We're not your typical tax function. We're a team of engineers, accountants, scientists, lawyers and IP strategists. It’s our job to help clients access incentives and grants. This includes identifying and communicating industry-scale R&D projects on behalf of our clients to the two entities that administer R&D tax incentives — the ATO and AusIndustry.

Degrees: Commerce, Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Environmental Management, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Maths, Science.

Transfer Pricing

We work with multinational enterprises to help them understand and apply global transfer pricing rules to their business. This involves providing our clients with insights and expertise on various international-related party transactions and arrangements and helping our clients defend their arrangements in interactions with tax authorities.

Degrees: Accounting, Business, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Law.




Our recruitment process

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What happens next?

  • You’ll be invited to complete our short online gamified test and if we’re impressed by your application, our recruitment team will send you a link to complete a video interview. You might want to think about your motivations for joining our Insider Program, and why you think you’d be a great fit at Deloitte.
  • Soon after the video interview, you’ll find out whether you’ve succeeded in being selected to participate in the program.

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