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Budget Monitor

A Deloitte Access Economics publication

Gain independent, unbiased insight into Australia’s most important policy document – the Federal Budget.

Official Budget statements rarely tell the full story – the drivers and the risks behind the outlook.

That’s where Budget Monitor comes in. Produced twice a year – prior to the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook and then the Federal Budget itself – it is Australia’s only source of accurate and independent budget trend projections. That means you get the unbiased, authoritative insight into economic performance and forecast data you need to understand the Government policy landscape and risks ahead.

Our expert forecasting and analysis include detailed estimates of spending and revenue levels over the next four years. But we don’t only explain how key taxes affect the Government, we also look at their impact on business and the wider Australian economy and its communities.

Time and again, the highly respected Budget Monitor has alerted financial markets, economists and businesses to developments that aren’t spelled out in official statements. Our track record for accuracy is renowned.

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Key benefits

  • Independent analysis of the Federal Budget and predictions of revenue and spending over the next four years to help with your longer-term business planning
  • A detailed explanation of how key taxes affect the Government, the Australian economy and community, and your organisation
  • Vital insight into key developments that aren’t spelled out in official statements.

Budget Monitor’s lead author is Chris Richardson, Partner at Deloitte Access Economics and one of Australia’s best-known economists. A sought-after commentator and presenter on economic trends in both broadcast and print media, he is also the author of the influential Business Outlook, a quarterly publication from Deloitte Access Economics that delivers Australia’s most sophisticated economic commentary and forecast data.


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