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Economic and policy advice and modelling

Multi-faceted experience in education policy and strategy, underpinned by deep expertise and capability and a record of robust, evidence-driven analysis and advice.

Our services

Delivering evidence-based analysis and advice that resonates with audiences and shapes decision-making. Our advice is based on an in-depth knowledge of the education sector – from early childhood through to schooling, vocational training and higher education – and a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s dynamic policy and regulatory environment.

Do you need assistance in undertaking a policy/program evaluation, forecasting demand, funding or costing analysis, literature review, cost-benefit analysis, economic impact or contribution analysis, survey design and implementation, model development and testing, or complex quantitative analysis?

Our education practice of professional economists and policy analysts is uniquely credentialed in these areas. We can guide you through the analytical maze by assembling and analysing large-scale and complex evidence and presenting the findings and their implications in a compelling, accessible and engaging way.


Our capability

Offering renowned analytical and modelling capability that is respected and trusted by government, underpinned by leading-edge frameworks and techniques, and delivered in a tailored, purpose-built fashion.

Our capabilities span economic, econometric and behavioral modelling, optimal funding model design, policy review and analysis, demand forecasting, dynamic sectoral models, program and policy evaluation, commercial advisory and primary research.

Our education practice is highly experienced in applying these techniques and is continuously honing, refining and extending its capabilities in these areas. As the policy challenges get more complex, the sophistication of our analysis increases. We constantly strive to extend the analytical envelope.

We offer hands-on expertise, ensuring our analysis is tailored to the unique circumstances of each assignment and geared towards transferring knowledge to our clients. By leveraging our renowned and ever-expanding capability, we aim not just to meet, but to exceed your expectations.


Our experience

Deloitte Access Economics has advised both State and Commonwealth governments on many of the most significant reforms in the education sector over recent years.

Early learning and child care

In addition to undertaking preschool funding reviews for several state governments and a raft of bespoke analyses, we have recently reviewed the two major early childhood national partnerships and constructed a national model of the early childhood education and care sector.


We have provided analysis and advice to support several school funding reviews including, most notably, the Review of Funding for Schooling (the Gonski Review). We are currently leading a five-year evaluation of a suite of initiatives geared toward improving the performance of Victoria’s schools.

Vocational training

We have provided ongoing advice to support the review and refinement of policy settings in Victoria since 2012, including a review of quality assurance in the Victorian VET system. Nationally, we have conducted economic analyses for the VET Reform Agenda and have undertaken major evaluations of the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program and Mentoring Program.

Higher education

We have conducted modelling and forecasting to inform the Bradley Review, the Higher Education Base Funding Review and, most recently, analysed the cost and funding implications of the 2014 Federal Budget announcements for the Commonwealth.

Our reports

The vast majority of our education practice work involves policy advice to government that is not publicly released. However, some of our reports are available to the public, with several examples provided below.

Growth and opportunity in Australian international education

Widening the traditional lens

Deloitte Access Economics, in partnership with EduWorld, looks at the scale and scope of the international education opportunity available to Australia over the next decade. 

Download the report

Growth and opportunity in Australian international education

Evaluation of the Early Learning Languages Australia trial

An assessment of design and effectiveness

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged to conduct an evaluation of the ELLA trial, to consider whether it was appropriately designed and effective in achieving its objectives.

Download the report

Evaluation of Early Learning Languages Australia trial

Deakin University: Contribution to the Geelong community

Benefits to local society

Deakin University’s Geelong campuses contribute to their local community and society more broadly in a number of ways. This study quantifies the campuses’ ongoing operations.

Download the report

Deakin University: Contribution to the Geelong community

The importance of universities to Australia’s prosperity

Contributing to the success of the nation

This report was commissioned by Universities Australia to analyse the contribution that universities make to Australia’s economic and social prosperity. This work was undertaken to inform the development of Universities Australia’s Keep it Clever—Policy Statement 2016.

Download the report

The importance of universities to Australia’s prosperity

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Lachlan Smirl

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Matt Wright

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Matt is well regarded in government and the education and training sector for his leadership in the analysis of some of Australia’s most significant and contemporary education, training and labour mar... More

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