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Investment Monitor

A Deloitte Access Economics publication

Identify new investment and business opportunities with Australia’s most comprehensive listing of engineering and non-residential capital projects.

Whether it’s delivering a new railway, developing a mine or acquiring a stake in a pipeline, infrastructure assets and other large capital projects represent major investment opportunities. These projects are also key sources of future economic growth for Australia.

Investment Monitor is a quarterly publication that offers investors the most comprehensive breakdown of investment prospects available across the country. It has also become required reading for economists, as it provides a barometer of structural change in the Australian economy and of the investment climate – both now and in the future.

Key benefits

  • Unparalleled insight into future paths for investment activity and associated business opportunities, enabling you to make informed business and investment decisions
  • Regular updates on the status of every project listed, along with details of the companies involved, cost of the development, estimated size, and start and end date
  • A barometer of structural change in the Australian economy and of the investment climate.

Our detailed list of individual construction and investment projects across Australia focuses on those with a gross fixed capital expenditure of $20 million or more.

We cover both public and private sector projects. That includes those in non-residential areas such as offices, health, education and retail, as well as engineering sectors such as mining, transport, utilities and telecommunications. We also list projects by state and supply regular updates on the status of each one.

Investment Monitor’s lead author Stephen Smith is a Partner in Deloitte’s Macroeconomic Policy and Forecasting Group. He also leads Deloitte Access Economics’ trade forecasting work for the ports sector and economic due diligence in supporting transactions, with a focus on infrastructure and public sector asset sales.

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