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Integrated solutions across the asset lifecycle

Having advised on many of the world's largest and most complex infrastructure and capital projects, we provide clients with tailored solutions that help them overcome the challenges of today, help prepare them for the obstacles that may arise in the future and adopt new innovative technologies to deliver projects more efficiently with less risk.

Maximising value from infrastructure investment

Whether delivering a new railway, developing a mine or acquiring a stake in a pipeline, investing in infrastructure assets and other large capital projects represents a major investment and a complex challenge. This is further compounded by projects needing to consider how they will deliver an asset ready for a digitally enabled and automated operations of the future. Optimising the return and outcomes throughout the lifecycle of an asset takes a highly skilled and experienced team of specialists.

Our Infrastructure and Capital Projects team delivers world-class best practice and market-leading solutions for investors, developers, and operators in both the Australian public and private sectors across the entire lifecycle of an asset.

Integrated solutions across the asset lifecycle

Deloitte’s market-leading capital projects team has helped set up, build and operate many of the worlds’ largest and most complex capital projects. Drawing from substantial expertise across oil and gas, mining, power, water and shipping and ports, Deloitte works with you to help you maximise return on financing, procurement, delivery, operations and digital transformation associated with large capital projects and infrastructure assets.

Deloitte brings four themes that respond to the challenges clients are facing today in building a stronger future.

Drawing on our extensive range of services in management consulting, corporate finance, tax and audit, we support clients in the planning, financing, procurement, delivery, operation and transaction of infrastructure assets and other large capital projects.

Strategy and planning

From determining the feasibility and delivery strategy for a new asset to managing stakeholders and regulator requirements, Deloitte assists clients in long-term planning both in the early phases of an individual project and across a portfolio.

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Financing and procurement

By establishing and managing the procurement process for infrastructure projects, I&CP enables developers to effectively manage the risks and achieve value for money. In public-private partnerships, Deloitte I&CP can advise both public sector sponsors and private sector bidders, and also advise on raising significant amounts of debt and equity finance and help clients to efficiently prioritize capital allocation between their projects.

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Project organization, execution, and construction

It is invariably a high-wire act to lead large capital projects to a successful conclusion. From setting up the organization, governance, technology, and controls to deliver a project, to developing and managing the delivery program up to hand-over and beyond, Deloitte assists clients to execute these high profile programs with greater confidence.

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Operations and maintenance

From improving the efficiency of asset maintenance to maximizing non-core revenue streams from transport assets, we support clients in optimizing the performance and value of assets in operation.

Digital Capital Projects

Capital project stakeholders demand that projects adopt digital technologies through delivery and develop an asset that is future ready. Deloitte brings the latest experience and thought leadership in designing assets for the future and a pragmatic framework to assess and implement technologies to drive both project and operational performance.

Infrastructure M&A: Asset recycling, concession maturity & decommissioning

Determining when and how to discontinue investing in an asset and providing transaction advisory support for investors in infrastructure assets.

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Thought Leadership

Digitalizing the construction industry
A case study in complex disruption

Capital projects in the digital age
How will Capital Projects be delivered in the future? What are the key emerging technologies that will influence and disrupt Capital Projects?

The alliance approach to "smart cities"
Smart Cities represent a new approach to the urban enterprise, and as such they demand new thinking about how to conduct urban projects.

Successful projects require the right people, processes and tools
Helping to guide you through the maze

Mastering the people side of operational readiness
Operation go-live!

Follow this link for detailed case studies outlining successful projects undertaken in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Power and Water sectors.

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