DTermine – our survey and data collection platform


DTermine – our survey and data collection platform

Data, opinion and sentiment capture

Our survey platform allows us to capture opinion, data, documents, and benchmark across any group of people with an electronic device.

DTermine™ is Deloitte’s secure online survey platform and underlying statistical analysis package powered by Qualtrics Research Core.

We have produced a range of surveys from training & assessments, simple opinion gathering, statistic gathering to the Deloitte 360 Feedback surveys and additionally have taken away the complexity of building, loading and deploying surveys.

DTermine™ provides a comprehensive suite of analytic capability to help ensure that clients receive detailed analysis and reporting of survey results. The underlying statistical software has been chosen to provide greater insight into the actions, attributes and attitudes of respondents.

DTermine™ makes extensive use of predictive analytics, providing users with a variety of possible categories to review results and consider the impact this may have on product and marketing plans.

With extensive experience in helping our clients manage risk, Deloitte has a range of surveys to assess and measure attitudes toward and awareness of fraud and ethical issues.

The DTermine™ platform is hosted in a secure environment with load balanced servers for enhanced performance. Please download the PDF for further information pertaining to DTermine’s data security.

Surveys can be anonymous and run for audiences large or small. User IDs can be integrated to allow part-completed surveys to be saved and returned to later.

As part of the integrated support, follow-up messages can be sent to help meet completion dates.

A summary of the services we offer can be found below:

  • End to end assistance for the concept, production, refinement (includes live testing if required) and distribution of the survey
  • Ongoing technical assistance for participants of the survey
  • Timely reporting of distribution and completion figures
  • Personalised email invitations / reminders
  • Up to date raw data extracts in excel format as often as required
  • Live dashboard user reports.

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