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The Deloitte Whistleblower Service has been providing a service securely and effectively to clients for more than fifteen years. Our online platform, Deloitte Halo, is specifically designed to meet the users’ needs as well as manage the evolving legislative obligations.

Whistleblowers may have important information which your organisation needs to know about today including information about misconduct such as fraud, corruption, breach of policies or emerging threats.

For the last 15 years, Deloitte has been providing a whistleblower service securely and effectively to some of Australia’s largest and smallest corporate business, as well as not-for-profits and Government.

The Deloitte Whistleblowing Service is offered online, via telephone service, as well as by email and post. Our service is global, and we allow whistleblowers to choose their preferred level of anonymity.

We are here to make whistleblowing management easy for your organisation.

In 2018 we launched Deloitte Halo, a platform specifically designed for whistleblowing, which meets the needs of users and assists in managing Australia’s new legislative obligations.

Deloitte Halo can be promoted to potential Whistleblowers inside an organisation or externally to the wider defined group of Eligible Whistleblowers. Our service can be tailored to complement any organisation’s brand, culture, size of footprint, or clients can choose our simpler off-the-rack offering.

By using Deloitte Halo, Whistleblowers and Eligible Recipients are guided and supported by our platform and our team through the disclosure process and can independently access updates on the case they have lodged at any time.

Halo has been expanded to include a complaints module which allows you to receive, triage and remediate complaints from your entire customer base. 

We have also added a registers module which allows you to track items like gifts, conflicts, accidents all within the tool.

As such Deloitte Halo can give you a single view of all incidents and issues arising in your organisation.

To find out more about the full capabilities of Halo including Compliance Registers and Complaints Management, click here.

Manage your whistleblowing risk smartly with Deloitte Halo

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Hugh Mosley

Hugh Mosley

Partner, Financial Advisory

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Robert Somerville

Robert Somerville

Director, Financial Advisory

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Mel Boeckmann

Mel Boeckmann

Manager, Financial Advisory

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