A new WAy


A new WAy

The future of Western Australia: ready to collaborate?

It’s time to unlock WA’s potential

We are at the tipping point of immense possibility. 

Fuelled by nine collaborative clusters of opportunity, we can inject billions into the WA economy and create more than 75,000 jobs of the future by 2029.

These dynamic clusters are at the heart of driving A new WAy, now.

Download our short overview to find out more. 

Together let’s create A new WAy

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What are our nine clusters?

A cluster is an action-oriented hub bringing together multiple players from across the business and community landscape. Each cluster exists in response to global need, but must play to WA’s comparative strengths. Clusters are a result of either an existing natural advantage, being at the right place at the right time in history or a legacy of the technology developments of the recent resources boom. Click on the tiles below to find out more.

We’ve identified the opportunity – but this is only the beginning! It’s time to collaborate across business, government and the community to drive A new WAy, right now. 

Register here to show your interest in a particular cluster and we’ll be in touch with updates on how to get involved.

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