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In our experience, organisations are much more adept at developing great business strategies than Diversity and Inclusion strategies. By Juliet Bourke - Consulting, Partner.

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Our thought leadership and Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership blog shares the latest research based on the insights generated by academic and applied research. We support the blog with a monthly Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership client newsletter. To view our extensive past case studies and insights, please see our archive below on the following core subject areas:

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The latest from Juliet Bourke

Grey innovation: disrupting age stereotypes in fintech
Sometimes you don't even know you hold a stereotype until it is right in your face.

Why are TED talks so successful? Feeling the love
24 hours after my first TEDx event and I am still trying to process the experience. The best description I can come up with is that it's like a warm hug from an old friend.

Segment on ABC24 for International Women's Day
A new study shows that companies who employ more women on their boards make more money. Juliet Bourke discusses with ABC24.

"You're So Well Dressed, for a Straight Guy": the Dilemma of Guerilla Stereotypes
What do you say when someone offers a compliment which comes with a sting in the tail? Do you take the compliment and ignore the tail — feeling a little soiled in the process? Do you point out the tail and decry the compliment, thereby offending the complimenter? Neither option seems optimal, so what’s to be done?

TEDx SouthBank talk
Do more opinions lead to better results in business and in life? If so what kind of opinions? Deloitte Australia Human Capital Partner Juliet Bourke shares her experience and research into the area of business diversity and inclusion to answer the question 'Which two heads are better than one?'

ABC Radio interview - Corporate Australia and gender equality
Juliet Bourke tells us why David Morrison's appointment as Australian of the Year will have a real impact on corporate Australia. 

The dilemma of campaigning for others
Do any of us have a legitimate voice in a debate about inequalities that face others? Do we have the right to push forward when some of the very people we are seeking to help are resistant to our efforts? Juliet Bourke says this is the very dilemma that faces the Chief of the Australian Army.

Getting personal about committing to diversity
Juliet Bourke describes how business leaders at Deloitte and elsewhere are working collaboratively with groups like Male Champions of Change and Chief Executive Women to transform workplaces across Australia—and shares some lessons about diversity and inclusion that are crucial to leaders everywhere.

The problem with corporate speak
Juliet Bourke catches up with Steve Vamos for a quick chat that turns into much more.

Great leadership: The elephant in the room
Intuitively we all know that great leaders are valuable property. Leaders are the difference between a great company and an “also ran”. Maybe we could say the same for many things – technology, processes or access to capital for instance?

Are you at breaking point
We send more than 100 billion emails a day. We check our phones 150 times a day. This can't continue. What needs to change?

What the heck is human capital?
Juliet Bourke reflects on giving a conference presentation, where the MC introduced her to the audience by reading out her bio and stumbling over the standard description that comes after her name: “Partner, Human Capital, Deloitte".

The heroes and heroines of workplace diversity
How a group of men from Australia stepped up to change gender discrimination from within.


Fast forward: Leading in a brave new world of diversity (customers, ideas, talent)
Australia and New Zealand, research paper, June 2015

Interview with Carolyn Taylor, CEO of Walking the Talk
Australia, interview, June 2014

Biased pre-decisional processing of leading and non-leading alternatives
United States academic research, April 2014

What gets measured gets done: Measuring the ROI of Diversity and Inclusion
Canadian research, February 2014

Getting diversity at work to work: what we know and what we still don’t know
UK literature review, September 2014

Bad bosses: The role of (non) leadership on workplace incivility
USA, Academic Research, April 2015

Telstra’s ambition to connect everything to everyone: Transforming business through customer-centricity
Australian interview and case study, April 2015

Global Human Capital Trends 2015:  Leading in the new world of work
Deloitte University Press, 2015

When EU Leaders Speak, the Markets Listen
European Academic Research, November 2014

A year of accelerated change for New Zealand Police
Australian Interview, October 2014

How Authentic Leadership and Inclusion Benefit Organisations
American research June 2014

Inclusive Leadership – The View From Six Countries
Australia, China (Shanghai), Germany, India, United States research June 2014

Great leaders who make the mix work
United States case studies, March 2014

The Manager: Inside the minds of football’s leaders
UK case studies, August 2014

Leadership and team identification: Exploring the followers' perspective
European research, August 2014


Gaining a competitive advantage with disability inclusion initiatives
American case study, September 2014

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