Health, safety and wellbeing in the ‘new normal’

Protecting your people through the COVID-19 recovery

As Australia starts its recovery from COVID-19, organisations are returning to work. But it won’t be business as usual. In the ‘new normal’, leaders must plan around emerging risks to ensure the safety of their people.

Health, safety and wellbeing should be the highest priority for all organisations. But as they reopen, businesses need to consider what a COVID-safe workplace looks like and how it can be effectively managed.

With a national team of health, safety and wellbeing experts, Deloitte can provide a rapid response to your organisation. We understand the risks surrounding COVID-19 and support clients in making strategic decisions to build the right safety culture. This includes:

Our services

  • Developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan - To return to work, organisations must create a comprehensive safety plan aligned to government and public medical advice.
  • Health and safety assessments - Understand and respond to the risks around new ways of working. We’ll help you implement critical controls to prevent harm in a dynamic working environment.  
  • Investigation and regulatory support - If an employee is harmed at work, we can provide support. Our team can help understand the events that contributed to the incident and liaise with regulators and other government bodies where required.
  • Building and implementing new health and safety processes - We can work to build the right health and safety processes for your organisation and ensure they are fit for purpose. For example, we can assist with fatigue management where there has been significant rostering changes and increasing working hours.
  • Conducting site-based inspections - Implement your COVID-19 Safety Plan and feel confident it addresses your needs and obligations with a dedicated work health and safety site inspection. 
  • Mental health and wellbeing risk assessments - Using digital technology, our comprehensive risk assessments can help you gain a deeper understanding of wellbeing and mental health. With insightful data analytics and visual dashboards, it will assist in managing these risks proactively.
  • Mental health and wellbeing strategy - Develop a targeted strategy designed to prevent key risks, promote the positives and support your employees.
  • Officer and leader due diligence training - Deloitte’s training programs are high-impact and challenging by design. Featuring hypothetical scenarios tailored for your industry and risk profile, they aim to educate your people about their legal and personal safety accountabilities too.
  • Embedded support - We can work as part of your team to ensure you have workplace health and safety support when needed most.

To identify the areas of risk in your business, take our COVID-19 Workplace Safety Self-Assessment.

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Samantha Jones

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