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Health, safety and wellbeing

From traditional to transformative

Protecting your people at work is critically important for all organisations – but navigating it has become increasingly complex. Deloitte’s unique approach can help your organisation meet its responsibilities, protect people and profits, and create sustainable improvements in safety performance.

Safety technology and analytics

Deloitte assists organisations with the definition of its functional and non-functional requirements to aid in the selection of new technologies. We have defined a better practice Business Reference Model, which highlights all expected functionality that an environmental, health and safety technology should deliver to help achieve safer outcomes.

We also conduct advanced safety analytic projects, utilising existing client data and proprietary Deloitte data to understand key risk trends, dispel commonly held myths about safety performance and determine why things happen. Our analytic approach increases an organisation’s capacity to act in an informed way.

Safety strategy and executive coaching

Deloitte’s safety specialists working with our Strategy and Operations practice can help you develop a safety strategy that will improve business outcomes.

When it comes to safety, the strategy is about minimising risk and reducing
incidents. How do we do this? Our approach relies on setting intent, developing
a compelling safety message and creating a story that includes everyone in your

We also provide coaching to promote the types of behaviour that help your
organisation influence health, safety and wellbeing outcomes.

Safety leadership and culture

Based on pragmatic systems and practices, Deloitte has a unique approach to building safety leadership and culture. Our specialists conduct safety leadership and culture assessments of your organisation and provide practical guidance on how to improve. In doing so, our team will not only help address health, safety and wellbeing in your organisation but help increase productivity for better business outcomes.

Mental health and wellbeing

Our approach to mental health and wellbeing is risk-based and holistic. We target all levels of the organisation through our validated assessments and surveys against our proprietary, better practice frameworks. Our experts work with clients to help them assess, co-design and implement innovative strategies, initiatives, and programs based on leading research and industry and sector insights.

We believe a risk-based approach allows organisational strategies and programs to be most effective by targeting the areas that matter most. A risk-based approach allows us to tailor our solutions to best meet the needs of your organisation, putting your people at the centre of every solution. 

Safety risk profiling

Deloitte recognises that a critical aspect of a safety management system is identifying, assessing and controlling hazards and risks. Our risk profiling methodology can help your organisation develop a better understanding of exposure – from the top down as well as the bottom up.

Using dedicated tools and information, we work with you to determine the risk profile of your organisation – from strategic and operational risks to tactical (or coal face) risks. We also develop monitoring and reporting mechanisms to help your executives and board understand the full landscape for safety, including current emerging and anticipated risks.

Safety investigations

Deloitte’s safety investigation team comprises former workplace safety prosecutors, police prosecutors and detectives, who conduct investigations into critical events as well as allegations of bullying and harassment. Our experts can identify and help mitigate risks arising from serious incidents, and offer advice on preventing reoccurrences.

Our team is well known in the market and is frequently hired to perform work under legal privilege to identify the root causes of safety incidents.

High-impact training

Deloitte’s training programs are high-impact and challenging by design. Featuring hypothetical scenarios tailored to your industry and risk profile, they aim to educate your people about the organisation’s and their own personal health and safety accountabilities.

We have foundational training packages ready to go, which we will tailor to your needs, including due diligence for officers, safety leadership and culture, incident investigation and analysis, managing contractor risk and many more.

Safety assessment and inspections

Deloitte can analyse your safety management systems, operating models and practices, as well as leadership and culture, using industry standards and safety objectives. We can help you create a business case for improvement and a program for change.

Our team can assist with internal audits, compliance audits, site inspections and self-insurance audits. We can also help prepare your organisation for certification, conduct domestic and international standard gap analyses, assess quality management systems, and assist you with the design of policies and procedures for your implementation.

Safety management system design and implementation

When organisations focus on understanding and controlling hazards, they often fail to maintain an underlying management system, thinking the system is out of date or doesn’t comply with current standards. This is a risk in itself.

Deloitte’s team of health, safety and wellbeing professionals have significant experience in helping organisations work through safety problems and overhaul management systems aligned to health, safety and wellbeing risk profiles. 

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