Data Platform as a Service

DataPaaS enables enterprise deployment and adoption of Deloitte best practice data analytics platforms for use cases such as Financial Services, Cyber Security, Business Analytics, IT Operations and IoT. DataPaaS manages your data analytics platform at scale, allowing you to focus on outcomes, use cases and value.

Keeping up with the demands of a growing data platform can be a real challenge. Getting your data on-boarded quickly, deploying and scaling your infrastructure, and managing your users reporting and access demands becomes increasingly difficult. DataPaaS employs Deloitte’s best practise D8 Methodology to orchestrate the deployment, management and adoption of your organisation wide data platform.

  • Free up and retain specialist resources - move from troubleshooting and management of the platform, to getting value out of the data in the platform
  • On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid – route your data to the most cost-effective option or depending on Information Governance policies
  • Splunk: Deploy and scale Splunk, ES, ITSI, UBA, Phantom and Splunk apps in hours, not days/weeks
  • True DevOps, using CICD, spin up and destroy full environments as needed
  • Enforce and maintain consistent configuration, continuously synced enabling simple recovery
  • Data Acquisition Channel for rapid and automated data onboarding and routing.

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Aby Olival

Aby Olival

Director, Risk Advisory

Data is now at the core of every business. It’s used to understand your customers and their needs and the markets in which your business operates. It informs decisions, gives insight into your operati... More