Tech Trends 2020


Tech Trends 2020

Which technologies have the most potential to impact your business?

Tech Trends 2020 identifies the trends Deloitte believes will disrupt businesses in the next 18 to 24 months. Based on insights from Deloitte subject matter specialists, the world’s leading organizations, academic industry luminaries, and leading startups, venture capitalists, and technology providers, Tech Trends 2020 explores five key trends, shares examples from organizations on the front lines, and takes a look at what may come, beyond the next horizon.

Tech trends 2020

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Macro technology forces at work - Tech trends past, present, and future

Exploring technology trends individually is no longer enough to stay ahead – organizations are deploying them in concert to create a foundation for innovation that can propel their business into the future.

Ethical technology and trust – Pursuit of trust: a 360-degree opportunity

Leaders who align tech ethics with organizational values—and apply them across the investment lifecycle—are demonstrating a commitment to “doing good” that can build a long-term foundation of trust with stakeholders.

Finance and the future of IT - Funding innovation at the speed of agile

As enterprises become more agile, companies are exploring new approaches to budgeting, contracting, and capital planning to fuel innovation and usher in a new, flexible approach to funding technology investments.

Digital twins - Bridging the physical and digital

High fidelity digital simulations combined with IoT sensors and machine learning are presenting a host of new opportunities ranging from optimization to autonomous decision-making to new business models.

Human experience platforms – Engineering in empathy

Leading organizations are using affective computing to create systems that recognize a user’s emotional state and the context behind it, and then respond appropriately—adding an emotional quotient (EQ) to technology’s IQ.

Architecture awakens – Redefining the role of the architect

Established companies with legacy systems have begun moving architects out of their silos and into the trenches. The goal? Create the kind of architectural agility that is a competitive differentiator in the digital economy.

Horizon next - A future look at the trends

What big technology shifts could emerge over the next decade? Deliberately sensing and evaluating emerging technologies can help guide today's business and technology decisions and create a strong foundation for the future.

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