Tech Trends 2019


Tech Trends 2019

Beyond the digital frontier

Emerging technology trends can seem both elusive and ephemeral, but some become integral to business and IT strategies and form the backbone of tomorrow’s technology innovation.

​What innovations and trends lie beyond the digital frontier? To see clearly and stay ahead of the game, companies must work methodically to sense new possibilities and define their ambitions for tomorrow.

Tech Trends 2019 guides CIOs through today’s most promising trends, with an eye toward innovation and growth and a spotlight on emerging trends that may well offer new opportunities for pursuing strategic ambitions.

Tech trends 2019

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Macro technology forces at work - Technology trends past, present, and future

Digital experience. Analytics. Cloud. In the previous nine issues of Tech Trends, we have examined these powerful forces as they evolved from promising innovations and novel approaches into full-fledged trends. Today they are considered foundational components not only of enterprise IT, but of corporate strategy.

AI-fueled organizations - Reaching AI’s full potential in the enterprise

The journey to fully autonomous artificial intelligence is part of a growing trend in which companies transform themselves into AI-fueled organizations into AI-fueled organizations where AI is an integral component of corporate strategy. Its end goal: an organization in which humans and machines work together effectively.

NoOps in a serverless world - Shift IT’s focus from operations to outcomes

Traditionally, the CIO’s responsibility of keeping business-critical technology systems running has absorbed up to 70 percent of IT’s budget as well as considerable amounts of labor bandwidth. Yet in an era of perpetually tight IT budgets, finding ways to redirect financial and human assets from operations to innovation remains a top CIO goal.

Connectivity of tomorrow - The spectrum and potential of advanced networking

Traditionally, networking has lived in the shadow of high-profile disruptive enterprise technologies such as digital experience, cognitive, and cloud that capture imaginations and headlines. Networking, though mission-critical, is not particularly sexy. This is about to change.

Intelligent interfaces - Reimagining the way humans, machines, and data interact

An emerging technology trend that could redraw or even erase boundaries between humans and computers, a new breed of intelligent interfaces is turning the farfetched into reality. These interfaces combine the latest in human-centered design techniques with leading-edge technologies and working in concert, these techniques and capabilities are transforming the way we engage with machines, data, and each other.

Beyond marketing: Experience reimagined - CMOs and CIOs partnering to elevate the human experience

Marketing technology is undergoing a renaissance. Channel-focused solutions such as websites, social and mobile platforms are fast becoming yesterday’s news. Organizations are adopting a new generation of martech systems that deliver unprecedented levels of customer intimacy, targeted engagement, and precision impact. These experiences can help customers create deep emotional connections to products and brands, which drive loyalty and business growth.

DevSecOps and the cyber imperative - Elevating, embedding, and evolving your risk response

DevOps tactics and tools are dramatically changing the way IT organizations innovate. In the midst of this transformation, IT leaders are finding that longstanding approaches for integrating security into new products are not keeping pace with high-velocity, continuous delivery software development. Indeed, in the DevOps arena, traditional “bolt-on” security techniques and manual controls that rely on legacy practices often are perceived as impediments to speed, transparency, and overall security effectiveness.

Beyond the digital frontier: Mapping your future - Digital transformation demystified

Today, we refer to the process of using emerging technologies to reimagine an entire business as digital transformation. Simply put, digital transformation is the process of future-proofing one’s organization. It typically begins with leaders and strategists defining new ambitions often in the broadest of terms and grandest of visions.

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