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Deloitte Forensic

A company’s financial and business interests are exposed to a number of risks, including that of fraudulent actions by employees, management or counterparties. Experienced forensic professionals are essential to preventing and mitigating fraud risk.

Deloitte has the leading forensic practice in Russia and the CIS. With more than 60 professionals across the Russian-speaking region dedicated to forensic work, we lead our competitors in both scale and focus.

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“Let us hear the suspicions, I will look after the proofs.”

Sherlock Holmes

The Adventure of the Three Students

We assist our clients to mitigate and identify fraud, illegal practices or unethical conduct. Our team has specialists that determine the financial losses incurred due to the misappropriation of assets or suboptimal purchases/sales. Our team implements leading risk management frameworks to meet each company’s specific risk exposure, regardless of sector or jurisdiction.

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