Introduction and General Overview of the Azerbaijan Taxation System Training

15-17 December 2020

We invite you to attend the training by Deloitte Academy dedicated to general overview of Azerbaijan taxation system. This is a good way to enhance your knowledge of Azerbaijani tax, regardless of your level of experience.

“Introduction and general overview of the Azerbaijan taxation system” is a comprehensive program covering all principal aspects of the taxation system of Azerbaijan in details. 

Particularly, our program is focused on the following:

  • Introduction to the taxation system of Azerbaijan – analysis of certain definitions, tax audits, rights and obligations of taxpayers and tax authorities, practicability of tax refunds, risky taxpayers;
  • Profit tax liability covering all essential matters – calculation and reporting of the liability (recognition of income and expenses, profit tax exemptions, depreciation and repair expenses, loss carryforward, market price considerations), practical challenges faced and tax optimization opportunities;
  • Introduction of value added tax concept and discussion of subjects fundamental for accurate assessment of value added tax liability;
  • Taxation of assets with primary focus on determination of taxable base, application of exemptions and assets tax compliance;
  • Concept of the Azerbaijani sourced income and application of withholding tax; 
  • Detailed discussion of the simplified tax and other taxes such as excise tax, land tax, mining tax and road tax;
  • Employee taxation related subjects essential for accurate calculation and declaration of personal income tax, unemployment insurance contributions and social insurance contributions;
  • International tax aspects, such as Transfer Pricing Rules and Conventions for Avoidance of Double Taxation;
Introduction and general overview of the Azerbaijan taxation system outlines

Registration, schedule and fees

Date and time

15-17 December 2020

Starts at 2.00 PM till 6 PM. 


The trainings will be conducted in Deloitte Azerbaijan office located at 25E Nobel avenue, Baku White City Office Building, 8th floor.


The participation fee for each module is AZN 750 exclusive of VAT. Payments should be made upfront via bank transfer to the Deloitte bank account.


To register to the training session please complete the registration form or send your request to

The trainings will be conducted in Azerbaijani.


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