Food Safety Alert

Hurry up to register your business!

Food products are widely traded globally and may carry a serious safety risk if not thoroughly controlled. Governments all around the world keep monitoring supply chains to ensure food safety compliance. That is why Azerbaijan’s Government has introduced the mandatory registration of the type of food products/services supplied and the details of the staff and facilities of providers along the supply chain, from feed production, primary production, food processing, packing, storage, transportation, utilization, and sales, including exports and imports.

Before making a record in the register, an accredited body will examine the foodstuff for compliance with the food safety requirements, hygienic, veterinary, and phytosanitary standards. Then, the Food Safety Agency (the state consumer protection authority) will make a record in the register and issue a confirmation. The registration remains valid for an indefinite period.

Azerbaijan’s legislation strictly prohibits food-related activities of unregistered operators (businesses and individuals alike).

The register is regulated by Decree No. 303 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan dated 16 July 2018.

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Food Safety Alert
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