Alert on State Inspections Suspension 

Does your company have a permit/license to carry out current activities?

As you may know the Law on Suspension of the state inspections in the area of entrepreneurial activities No.1410-IVQ dated 20.10.2015 introduced suspension for the state inspections. However, certain areas necessitating constant control and monitoring of the state authorities due to potential threat to people health, environment and national security remained permissible.

As per the initiative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan inspections over safe exploitation of hazardous facilities, radioactive substances and mining fields have been also restored as of 30 May 2019.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations will be the body exercising the state inspection over the safe exploitation of hazardous facilities, radioactive substances and mining fields. The scope of inspections will include checking the existence of permits and licenses required for performance of companies’ current activities in Azerbaijan. 

Please be reminded that carrying out the activities without having the relevant permit or license (where required) is considered the illegal entrepreneurship and punished in the amount of up to five times of the amount of the caused damage/gained profit.  

Considering the above, we recommend, once again, reviewing the scope of services and works currently rendered by your company on the subject of compliance with licensing and permission laws.

You can check the list of potentially hazardous fields in the Decree No. 94 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan “On approval of the list of potentially hazardous fields”, dated 10 May 2001, and the list activities falling under licensing and permission requirements in the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Licenses and Permits No. 176-VQ dated 15 March 2016.

We would be glad to talk around, should you have any questions or need further information.

Legal Alert on State Inspection Suspension
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