Our Sustainable Office

Baku White City Office Building was awarded BREEAM certification in 2014 by implementing environmental policy and is the first environmentally certified building in Azerbaijan.

BREEAM certification was issued to the building for the following factors of sustainability:  

-   The building has been designed in a highly efficient manner to provide the most comfortable environment for its occupants – almost 100% of all office spaces have access to daylight and outside views, and fresh air is provided all year round.

-   Energy efficiency is achieved through advanced architectural design (building location and shape), natural air extract systems, efficient high-end lighting and automated controls. The whole engineering facilities and equipment of the building are managed by “Building Management System” (BMS).

-   Alternative modes of transport are stimulated through the introduction of specialised facilities including cycle racks and electrical charging stages. A complex, holistic approach to travelling and its environmental impact was developed through the Travel Plan created for the project.

-   Water efficiency is accomplished through efficient sanitation fittings, drip feed irrigation and leak detection system.

-   State-of-the-art landscaping will enhance local biodiversity through the introduction of flora from other regions that have similar climatic conditions. The 1.4 ha green area surrounding the Building enriches the Business centre ecosystem and enhances it as an aesthetically appealing destination.

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