2018 Deloitte Central Europe Impact Report

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Deloitte Central Europe Impact Report

Telling our story

At Deloitte, we believe that the truest measure of who we are and what we stand for is not our global scale, where we operate or the services we offer. Instead, it is all about our shared Purpose, which is to make an impact that matters.

Key highlights

  • We help clients cope with growing business complexity to achieve sustainable business excellence
  • We enable people to optimise their performance and potential in a fast-changing working environment
  • We empower colleagues to follow their passion and conscience in contributing across many sectors of society

The report is separated into three main sections, each crammed with case studies and stories that bring to life many of the year’s most important initiatives and key successes. 

Welcome to the Deloitte Central Europe Impact Report, our annual publication that sets out many aspects of our impact on society, our people and our clients over the last 12 months throughout the 18 countries of which our dynamic and diverse region is formed. Our ambition is to become the undisputed leader in professional services, by having a positive and sustainable impact on the issues that matter most. Impact is an important word for us. It helps us define the difference we make to society, by moving beyond our roles as auditors and advisors. It allows us to take our experience, energy and expertise into other areas, where we can help people of all backgrounds benefit from new thinking and new technologies.

Alastair Teare
Chief Executive Officer
Deloitte Central Europe

Serving clients with distinction

This chapter describes how Deloitte helped its clients across the region during the year, often enabling them to counter and even exploit disruptive forces affecting all areas of business in an increasingly complex environment. In one particularly powerful story, it describes how enabling a company that was on the verge of business failure to identify and move into an entirely new market has made it more successful than ever.

Serving clients with distinction

Inspiring our talented professionals to deliver outstanding value

This chapter shows how investing in people’s talent through sector-leading development, mentoring and learning programmes is helping them make a difference for their clients, their colleagues and their communities. The chapter contains stories about many initiatives, including a mentoring programme that benefits the mentors as well as their protégés, a highly innovative recruitment campaign to attract cyber-security trainees, initiatives to promote opportunities for female managers and a new wellbeing scheme developed by colleagues across the region. 

Inspiring our talented professionals to deliver outstanding value

Contributing to society as a role model for positive change

This chapter showcases initiatives that illustrate how true leadership is about setting a positive example, encouraging businesses and citizens to take more responsibility for the challenges faced in their communities and by society at large. Stories selected for this year’s report cover several initiatives to help young people prepare for the world of work, organising special events for underprivileged children, providing support for charities and NGOs, and an ongoing focus on continuously improving the firm’s sustainability performance.

Contributing to society as a role model for positive change


Sustainability in all its forms is a key element of our purpose and our strategy. Therefore, we’ve used the Global Reporting Standards (GRI Standards) to inform and guide the preparation on our new report. We’ve included the GRI Content Index at the end of the Report, and we are now using our reported results to set stretching but attainable improvement targets for the years ahead.

Throughout the report, there are many further examples of how Deloitte people have exceeded what is required of them to make a positive impact on their clients, their colleagues and their communities. Naturally, a publication covering the activities over more than 6,000 people across 18 countries can only scratch the surface of what was achieved during the last financial year. However, it provides an illustration of the firm’s commitment to providing leadership across Central Europe in important areas other than revenue alone.